23 Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries


We all have something in our physical appearance that we’d like to change. Some of us actually go ahead and do it- a nose job, a liposuction, etc. Celebs often use plastic surgery to enhance specific parts of their looks, since they greatly rely on it to make a living. Yet the following famous people on this list have gone under the knife, and came out looking entirely different:

Nicki Minaj, $11,500

Nicki Minaj

Rapper Nicki spent $11,500 on three different surgeries to get her new appearance. The cheapest was a skin bleaching for $225. The most expensive was a nose job that made the tip of her nose point down for $6,075.

The other major procedure Nicki had was the oddest. She spent over $5,000 to get silicone implants in each of her buttocks.

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