5G, COVID-19, Coronavirus and The Antichrist

comparison Of Covid-19 To Past Major OUTBREAKS!
5G is the hottest topic in Nigeria right now, some say 5G causes cancer & Coronavirus, some say it’s the antichrist, even pastor Christ of Christ Embassy recently shared his own opinion.
Anyways that’s why it’s called Conspiracy Theory because it holds no fact or proof.
But it’s funny how a 3rd world country like Nigeria that lacks basic amenities such as stable electricity is fighting over 5G technology that won’t be readily available in Nigeria till some more years to come.
Ordinary 4G sef we don’t have. What we are managing here is 2G and 3G.
For me Nigerians should concentrate on more important things that will grow our economy and improve our lives…
5G means 5th Generation Mobile Technology. Most mobile telecom companies in Nigeria claim to be running on 4G. Before now, we’ve had 3G (voice and mobile data) and 2G (digital voice) and 1G (analog voice).
The three major differences between 3G, 4G and 5G are faster speeds, higher bandwidth and lower “latency,” or lag time in communications between devices and servers.
Let me make it clearer, 5G is smarter, faster and more efficient than 4G. 5G internet speed is about 200 times faster than whatever we are currently using in Nigeria.
1. SPEED: With 5G, you could download a 2 hour film in less than 10 seconds, a task that takes almost 1 hour on Glo and MTN so called 4G.
2. Compare travelling from Nigeria to London or America by private jet and doing the same journey with bicycle lol
3. Compare those old black and white television we used 20 years ago to these smart TV of today.
4. Compare old Nokia torch we used 15 years ago to the smart phones of today.
5. Without 4G network, ride sharing apps like uber, bolt, olift, oride etc will not be possible.
6. With 5G, ride sharing apps like uber, bolt etc will not need drivers again, the cars will drive itself.
Yes 5G is going to unfold alot of advanced technologies. Cars will drive itself. I just walk into my smart car and key in my destination or use voice command, my car will drive me to my destination. It’s neither magic nor witchcraft, it’s just advanced technology. Same way you can stay in your house and phone someone in another country, you can even see the person via video call. Abi that one too is antichrist.
Since time immemorial, all inventions and technological innovations have been associated to the anti christ by Christians.
1. When fingerprint technology was invented religious people called it the antichrist but today those same hypocrites are all using phones and other gadgets that use fingerprints technology.
2. When Aeroplanes were discovered, some religious people would not fly it saying it is the antiChrist trying to put all of us in one box.
3. When telephone was invented, they called it antichrist. How can I be in London and speak with someone in America without a wire, it’s not normal so its antichrist lol. Today those same religious fanatics are all using telephones.
4. They call Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and most of the world billionaires antichrist yet these same hypocrites use Microsoft products, they are always on Facebook that belongs to one of the people they call antichrist?
The funny part is, lesbians with different sex toys, gaymen, corrupt politicians, kidnappers, fraudsters etc are all shouting antichrist all over the place. God will be very ashamed of our hypocrisy.
Every new technology has some certain risks including 5G, and this is normal in technology invention. The 4G we are currently using, even cars and aeroplanes all come with their side effects.
5G have the same risk as 4G, the Sun and the infrared that our TV remote uses, they are all electromagnetic radiations. The Sun and infrared from our remote controls uses a higher frequency than the radio wave band that 5G & 4G occupies.
1. Several scientists around the world have conducted several tests on 5G and as at today, April 9, there is no scientific evidence to show that 5G causes cancer or Coronavirus.
2. There are 183 countries with Coronavirus cases but in the whole world only 40 countries have 5G technology.
3. Yemen has 5G technology but till now there is no single Coronavirus positive case in Yemen and also no one has died of Coronavirus in Yemen. If 5G is killing people why is it not killing Yemeni citizens?
4. Lesetho is a small country in southern Africa, they have tested 5G technology but nobody has either died or tested positive to Coronavirus in that country?
5. Countries like Iran has recorded more than 30,000 coronavirus cases, Turkey has more than 20,000 cases, while Brazil has more than 10,000 cases. None of these countries have launched 5G technology. How come they recorded these huge numbers in the absence of 5G network?
MOVING FORWARD: Whether we like it or not, 5G has come to stay though the rollout in Nigeria will take years. But there’s no going back.
The Chinese scientists are already in the works to develop 6G lol. And yes the western countries especially Americans are not happy that China is leading in 5G technology. That’s one of the cause of the trade war between USA and China. The Americans are angry that the Chinese are leading in 5G technology.
Last year the Americans said we should delete face app bc its Russian app and it steals private data. Now they are telling us to delete tiktok bc its Chinese app and steals personal data. I’m aware there’s no app that steals personal data like Facebook yet the Americans will cover up because it’s their own?
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