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I was in clinic one afternoon some minutes to close of work, when a young man of about 33years presented with complaints of painful mouth sores, fever, itching and burning sores in his penis, these symptoms have been there for a week now after a sexual intercourse he had 2 weeks ago, then I slide a question tell me about the sex ,he replied “ Doc you know as e de be naa, I just use mouth taste the area before I login my dot com” I wanted to laugh but remained stern, then I told him “you didn’t only just have this herpes simplex, you ate it”. He then replied “but doctor every where good for the girl body she no get any craw craw for her vagina “ then he started scratching his private part in my office, and screaming in pains.
Then I went on to examine his private part,” Blood of Nicodemus!!! “ If You See multiple crops of vesicles and bulae with scattered ulcers ,it looked like a berry plantation…
What I’m I trying to talk about today ‘ ORAL SEX’ so sweet but then so dangerous
Guys after you must have romanced sucked booby and all suckables boom you head for the vagina licking, sucking and swallowing all sort of vaginal discharge with different Candida, gonorrhea ,Human pappiloma virus, herpes simplex, chlamydia, syphilis and their God father HIV/AIDS not caring about her status, the worst is that after oral sex  most guys then wear a condom for sex, Uncle what are you trying to prevent ?.
In the Medical parlace it’s called : Fellatio And cunnilingus.
So fellatio and cunnilingus are extremely popular, and are widely regarded as a normal, enjoyable part of a sexual relationship. Furthermore, it’s been shown that oral sex has certain positive aspects.
1.It can be extraordinarily effective at helping women to reach a climax.
2.It can help men who have some minor difficulty in getting an erection .
3.It cannot get you pregnant (except under the most extraordinary and unlikely circumstances).
However, a lot of people do – quite understandably – get concerned about whether oral love play could give them any infection.
What is oral sex?
First, let’s just clarify what we mean by ‘oral sex’. There are several main types.
1..Cunnilingus (sometimes referred to as ‘cunnilinctus’) is oral stimulation of a woman’s vagina and/or vulva – and especially her clitoris – by her partner’s lips and tongue.
2.Fellatio is stimulation of a man’s penis by his partners mouth – usually by licking or sucking. It is often wrongly referred to as ‘a blow job’ in fact, it is highly dangerous to ‘blow’ during this manoeuvre (or during cunnilingus).
‘Nippling’ is sucking or licking your partner’s nipples. It carries almost no risk of any infection – except, very rarely, syphilis
Oro-anal sex – often referred to as ‘rimming’ – is stimulation of the partner’s anus with tongue or lips. Clinical experience suggests that it is relatively uncommon in heterosexuals. As the anus isn’t a very clean area of the body, there is no doubt that rimming will lead to a transfer of germs to the mouth.
HIV infection risk
HIV can be transmitted by oral sex. both fellatio and cunnilingus have been known to pass it on
ulcers in the mouth could increase the risk.
there’s no evidence that mouthwashes could reduce the risk of infection
Gonorrhoea , a common STD, can be transmitted to the throat during oral sex, especially fellatio. inflammation, formation of pus and sometimes soreness can form in the throat.
But often, it causes no symptoms at all, and the person just ‘carries’ it.
The lesions ofsyphilis usually appear on the genitals or the anus – and very rarely on the nipple. But they do sometimes appear on the lips or tongue, as a result of oral sex. And the disease can be caught from an infected person’s mouth.
Chlamydia trachomatis is a little genital bug that has become almost epidemic among sexually active young people during the early years of the 21st century.
Please note that if chlamydia gets established in the throat, mouth or nose, it could cause various infections, particularly of the eye. Doctors have warned that oral sex could cause a one-sided chlamydial conjunctivitis , which does not clear up on routine treatment with eye drops.
Hepatitis A
The word ‘hepatitis’ means ‘inflammation of the liver’.
Hepatitis A is a common viral infection that can cause jaundice and abdominal pain. It is not usually life-threatening, although sufferers can feel very ill.
The virus is often found in faeces in high concentrations and will almost inevitably be present on the apparently clean anal skin of infected individuals. It can be transmitted by oro-anal contact.
Hepatitis B
It is particularly common among people who have had a previous sexually transmitted disease, and among drug users.
It can cause a very serious, potentially fatal, liver disease and chronic liver damage.
Virus particles are found in semen, stool and saliva, as well as blood. There is clear evidence that it can be transmitted through vaginal ,oral and anal intercourse.
Hepatitis C
Hepatitis C is another viral infection transmitted in a similar way to hepatitis B and often affects drug users.
Threadworms , and probably other worms, can be transmitted by oro-anal contact.
What about herpes?
Herpes simplex virus (HSV ) infection is the commonest cause of genital ulceration. There are two types of the virus. Type 1 affects mainly the lip – causing cold sores . Type 2 causes blisters on the genitals.
Genital herpes is characterised by recurrent bouts of vesicles (small blisters), either on the penis or vulva, or other parts of the female genital tract. These rapidly break down to form small, painful ulcers.
HSV can also cause pharyngitis, an inflammation of the throat with ulcer formation.
HSV is highly infectious and usually sexually transmitted. There are several reports of transmission through oral sex.
If you have a cold sore on your lip, do not give anyone oral sex – or even kiss them.
What about HPV( Human papilloma Virus) and the risk of cancer?
Last year, I was alarmed when an ENT surgeon showed me the larynx (voicebox) of a man who had had a lot of oral sex partners. The patient was hoarse, and he found it difficult to speak. The area round his vocal cords was virtually ‘swamped’ by a network of fine, white threads. These, it transpired, were caused by the HPV virus. Fortunately, he did recover.
But since then, it has become increasingly clear that today’s high rates of oral sex are linked to the rising incidence of throat and mouth cancer.
Risk reduction
Avoiding oral sex altogether is the only way of preventing infection by the oral route, but because it’s an important and enjoyable part of most couples’ sexual repertoire, this advice is rather impractical.
Limiting the number of your sexual partners and not being pressured into ‘casual’ oral sex with an unfamiliar partner is an important factor in reducing infection risk.
Consider whether your partner may have, or have had, other sexual partners, and what their infection status might be, before putting yourself at any risk by giving them oral sex – or receiving it.
It’s possible to enjoy oral sex using some form of protective barrier. For fellatio, there is a wide variety of flavoured and scented condoms available, ranging from strawberry to curry and from whisky to lager and lime. For cunnilingus,, a dental dam – a thin plastic film – can be used.
Having the anti-HPV vaccine should reduce your risk of catching HPV through oral sex.
If you are concerned that you have, or might be at risk of having any sexually transmitted disease, it’s important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.
Finally, you feel you’ve taken a risk with oral sex, go to your local clinic and see your doctor, They’ll gladly give you a check-up, plus a throat swab if necessary.
Dr. Chukwuma Nkem Nnaemeka.
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