Ambode vs The Godfather


Ambode is just an inflated baloon, dude looks soo weak and docile.

It’s very unfortunate, sad and pathetic that a sitting Governor can be humiliated like this. This is not even about region, tribe, party affiliation or whatever. What is wrong is wrong ma “pipu”.

Since the last few years APC rated Ambode as the best governor in Africa lol, suddenly they are now calling Ambode the most corrupt and most stupid governor in Nigeria simply bc Ambode was seeking for re-election which i think he rightfully deserves. They denied him the ticket and still won’t leave him alone, they continue to humiliate him till date, what do these greedy bastards what?

It’s still a mystery as to how Lagos with all it’s history and so called sophistication will allow a brown teeth, frog eyed godfather hold them captive and corruptly amassing generational wealth in the process.

Give someone with correct head and balls of steel executive powers as governor of Lagos for just one week and he will run this godfather out of town.

This kinda scenario almost happened in Anambra, Ngige stood up for the state, my state (Imo State) is currently battling  Rochas  is loosing his grounds.

Ambode should consult Donald Duke on how to handle people like his godfather. Even wike can pursue this brown teeth godfather in just two weeks. Everyone knows this godfather so I’m not gonna mention his name…


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