Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply To Ghana Over Indebtedness

The Federal Government, Monday, threatened to cut gas supply to Ghana’s power plants over 100 million Ghanaian cedi indebtedness. According to a former Chief Executive...

Nearly 4,700 migrants rescued off Libya coast

Nearly 4,700 migrants were rescued off the coast of Libya on Saturday as they tried to reach Europe but one woman was found dead,...

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5G, COVID-19, Coronavirus and The Antichrist

5G, CORONAVIRUS AND THE ANTICHRIST 5G is the hottest topic in Nigeria right now, some say 5G causes cancer & Coronavirus, some say it's the...

comparison Of Covid-19 To Past Major OUTBREAKS!

Guys, the world is not coming to an end because of Coronavirus. Before COVID-19 there were more deadly diseases that ravaged the world. The mortality...
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The Coronavirus Seems To Like Cold Weather

Effect Of Temperature On COVID-19: An Unscientific Investigation. In the early days of the Coronavirus scourge, many Nigerians believed that we wouldn't be affected because...