What Causes Acha Ere, Leg Cancer or Leg Ulcer?

The number of leg ulcer / leg cancer cases I've witnessed in Igboland within the last 2 years is alarming. In Igboland we call...

Why Is Nigeria Poor Despite Its Huge Human and Natural Resources?

Before we talk about our present financial crisis in Nigeria let us first of all ask ourselves how did we get to this mess? To...

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There is a drug that stops you from contracting HIV/AIDS?

HEALTH TALK Do you know that there is a drug that stops you from contracting HIV/AIDS? It is called PEP which stands for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis....

Think Positive bc your thoughts shape your attitude towards life

What you believe is highly likely to happen in the world around you. If you believe things are going to be bad, it’s likely...

Stop DELIBERATELY giving birth like rabbit and expect God to feed your kids.

Why do Nigerians have kids ANYHOW and expect God to look after them. When you talk they will ignorantly say it is faith but...