My Sincere Advise To My Nigerian Sisters This Xmas

Greetings My Beloved Nigerian sisters, Yeah its the best month of the year when we get to meet some of our old school mates, friends...

Why Is Nigeria Poor Despite Its Huge Human and Natural Resources?

Before we talk about our present financial crisis in Nigeria let us first of all ask ourselves how did we get to this mess? To...

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Recent trip to Ebonyi State

I recently made a short trip to Ebonyi state and I was marveled at the rate at which the state is developing. Travelling they say...

Loom Money is scam just like MMM

Before it was MMM, now its LOOM all over the place. Pay 10k and get 100k within 24 hours, pay 20k and get 200k...


"I AM TOO RICH", that's exactly what my friends told me to say at all times even when I nor get shishi? According to...