Congratulatory Message and Advice To Emeka Ihedioha


Congratulations Hon. Emeka Ihedioha on your well-deserved and long-overdue victory. Finally we can say goodbye to IBERIBERISM and the turning of Imo state into a family business. To God be the Glory.

However, I don’t really trust Nigerian politicians bc almost all of them are the same. About 8 years ago we jubiliated when Rochas won coz we thought he was God sent but he turned out to be the worst. In the history of Imo state nobody stole people’s lands like Rochas. But anyways I have to give you the benefit of doubt and pray that you serve the people and be a better governor so we won’t have any reason to remember Rochas.


1. Probe Rochas and his cronies.

2. Recover all stolen lands and properties from Rochas. This crazy man demolished my property along Owerri Port Harcourt road without due process, no notice was given to us and no compensation, this is genuine land with c of o.  There are thousands of similar cases so I’m not alone.

3. Make Imo state the tourism capital of Nigeria, I will offer free advice and consultation in that regard and we must improve our security network for this to work.

4. Imo needs a facelift and massive road construction and in doing so please choose quality over quantity. This is one area Rochas failed woefully. Instead of using quacks to build 200 roads that won’t last 6 months its better you use professionals to build 100 roads that will last at least 20 years.

5. Encourage and empower Imolites to go into agriculture. I have seen rice from Ebonyi, Anambra etc but none from Imo, what a shame.

6. Security: This should  be in your priority list if we want to attract tourists and investors. Armed robbery and kidnapping is rampant in Imo State and this needs to stop.

7. Improve our IGR, no need to wait for handouts from Abuja, let’s think outside the box and find ways of solving our problems with or without Abuja money.

As a successful entrepreneur I believe that you will be a breath of fresh air for the businessmen in Imo state. May you be successful in fulfilling your campaign promises.

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