Critize & Do Something!

Guys, do you know that Criticising criminals, prostitutes, yahoo boys, kidnappers etc wont stop them from doing what they do. Instead of criticizing them and DO NOTHING we should rather find a way to help them as much as we can. I will use prostitutes popularly known as RUNS GIRLS in Nigeria as an example. Most girls doing runs or prostitution are doing it bc of poverty, i used to insult them till i came close to some of them.
What i do these days is counsel them and help the ones i could. i also advise them to save money and learn a trade instead of wasting their money on expensive phones, brazilian hair, bags etc. Today some of these girls have acquired skills and now owners of beauty salons, fashion houses, boutiques, event planners etc. Yeah i am aware that some girls cant stop whoring no matter what we do but majority of Nigerian prostitutes are ready to quit if given better options.
Same thing is applicable to yahoo boys, kidnappers etc. Many armed robbers and kidnappers are univerity graduates who got tired of looking for jobs. I am not in any way supporting bad boys but truth of the matter is that frustration can lead one to do anything to survive. In my village boys of 12 years are already doing drugs, from doing drugs they could join sectret cults and start stealing, then before you know it they can join robbery gangs. I go round the schools to consel boys about the dangers of drug abuse and cultism, but that was not enough. Then few years ago i started a footbal competion and discovered that most of these boys are doing drugs and crime bc of frustration. If you give them the opportunity to play footbal which is their talent they wont even have time to do drugs or cime. i am not rich but i have made iykbethany footbal competion an annual event and it costs me lots of money to host each tournament. So far some of these boys are now being recognized within my state. As i write now some are about travelling to Turkey, Croatia, Serbia etc for footbal trials. My dream is to see some of these guys plan professional footbal in Europe. I dont support crime of any type but i am not part of those that criticize and do nothing.
SOLUTON: is jobs creation. The government will do their job by providng jobs while we the citizens should do our part by helping each other instead of criticizing people and do nothing. I am not saying you shouldnt criticize a criminal or prostitute, but if you like talk from now till tomorrow prostitution will not stop unless we provide jobs for most of these girls.
kidnapping is on the rise because of high poverty rate, even if you build prison in every village hungry and frustrated youths will still engage in crime. So we have to supoort these poor boys as i am sure it will go along way in reducing crime. Shalom


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