Cryptic Pregnancy Scam in Nigeria


Cryptic Pregnancy Scam in Nigeria
Hey guys I need to draw your attention to a CRYPTIC PREGNANCY scam that’s going on in Nigeria for some time now.

What Is Even Cryptic Pregnancy?
A cryptic pregnancy is a pregnancy that regular medical testing systems may not detect. Cryptic pregnancies are also known as stealth Pregnancy, they are not so common.

This is a money spinning criminal racket, they have group of young girls they pay to have babies and another group of young boys that get these young girls pregnant, they also have criminal gangs that go to hospitals and other places to steal babies.

The ring leader is usually a criminally minded woman who claims to posses powers to make any woman pregnant in a cryptic way which is absolute rubbish.

The victims are usually married women who have been married for years but cannot make babies. Because of their desperation to have children they are easily brainwashed. It’s on record that lots of these desperate women do sleep with pastors, herbalists etc just to get pregnant. They just want to have a baby and don’t care about anything else.

This scam is not for the poor because these criminals charge anything between 700k up to 2m naira.

Like every other business, whether legitimate or otherwise, someone must introduce you. It could be a friend, family member, colleague etc.

They tell you about a woman that can make any woman pregnant. They tell you how this woman imports some powerful drugs or pills from India or wherever. There are many different versions of story they will tell you just to convince you.

Some of these criminals have whatsapp groups and Facebook groups where they post different fake stories just to make their scam look real and deceive gullible people.

So You pay whatever fees you guys agreed on and then the job begins.

They will give you some injections that will bloat you and make you big like a pregnant woman. All your organs, breast, abdomen will bloat like you are truly pregnant.

From my research I found out that they inject these unsuspecting women with oestrogen and sometimes progesterone hormones that cause the abdomen to bloat/enlarge, formation of cysts and appearance of being pregnant.

While you are “pregnant” they will arrange a fresh baby for you. Remember I said it’s a criminal gang, it’s a huge racket. They have group of poor, desperate young girls who they pay some money to get pregnant, they also have boys that impregnate these girls. If there is no baby in their baby factory they steal babies from hospitals, churches, homes etc.

They warn these women never to go to the hospital for antenatal or for pregnancy tests because the baby won’t show in scan. They claim no medical equipment will be able to detect the baby but somehow it is only these fraudsters that have spiritual eyes and techniques to detect your imaginary Cryptic baby in your abdomen. Pure nonsense.

By the 9th month, once they arrange a baby for you, they will admit you into their office/facility, they inject you with anesthetics so you won’t see the arrival of the magical baby, but you will wake up and find a baby by your side. Hallelujah somebody.

If you run a DNA test you will discover that this baby is neither yours nor your husband’s.

How can you deliver a baby and the umbilical cord has already dried? There is no way these women won’t notice or suspect something and I wonder why they don’t ask questions? Even me that is a man I know a fresh baby and one that is few days old.

I posted this on my Facebook page few days ago and so far 4 people contacted me on Facebook messenger to share their story with me. First Lady said she knew from the beginning that it was scam but she had to play along because she desperately wanted to have a baby. She said she went to many different churches and spiritual homes but nothing worked. Till date her husband doesn’t know but she knew everything.

Another woman said she didn’t know anything initially but when she woke up and saw her baby she had doubts because the baby umbilical cord was already dry which is not normal for a freshly born baby. And the fact that she couldn’t breastfeed her baby.

culture and Desperation

  1. Culture: In the western world having a husband or child is not a do or die affair but in Africa especially Nigeria people will look down on you if you have no husband or children. But in some cases it’s the husbands fault, such as low sperm count etc but we still blame the wife?
  2. Desperation: Desperation can make you loose your senses of reasoning. There are so many cryptic pregnancy groups on Facebook where some delusional or shall I say mentality unstable women talk about weird stuffs such as being pregnant for 3 years without any medical proof. This is not a joke, check some Facebook groups some of these women claim they are pregnant for 3 years and counting. Each time I tell them it’s not possible they invade my dm to raise insults and abuses.

This is not a copy and paste story, my name is iyk, and it took me 9months to uncover this Cryptic pregnancy fraud in Nigeria. If you are a victim or know someone who is, or you suspect something similar to this, please talk to me, I promise to keep our discussion CONFIDENTIAL

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