You cannot treat people like garbage and say you love and worship God. Love thy neighbours and that includes…

The Homeless Neighbor

The Muslim

The Gay

The Christian

The Atheist

The Feminist

The Disabled

The Addicted

The Unbeliever

The Idol Worshipper

The Immigrants

Resources flow through relationships. Most of the things you’re praying for are within the reach of someone you know or someone who knows you. It’s important we love people irrespective of their beliefs because though tribe and tongues may differ, we are one before our creator.

It’s important that we love people and use things instead of loving things and using people. Don’t be so blinded by hatred that you see no good in people. If God loves us all in spite of our shortcomings and many sins, who are we to hate what we cannot create?

God is not impressed by your looks, money, social status or job titled. He is impressed by how you treat your fellow human.

When God shows you how quick He can put you in peoples shoe, you will quit judging and hating on people. Sometimes you meet people not because you need them but because they need you.

When you look at the Rose tree, you find that all the leaves are different. Some are scrapped, some are torn, some are broken, that’s how people are! Nobody looks the same and that’s what makes us human. Sometimes things happen to people that leaves a mark in their lives, but the tree is beautiful nevertheless.




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