Fake Pastors in Nigeria


I will keep repeating the fact that most Nigerian pastors are fake, they love money more than yahoo boys. They tell you all sorts of lies to scam you. This year they have scammed 8 of my Facebook friends and they are all girls who are looking for husbands.

They make it look like it’s a crime or curse for a girl to remain single at 35 years old. They tell you how it is witches, enemies, village people or sins of your ancestors that is the reason why you are still single, broke or jobless. Most of you believe these lies bc of ignorance or superstition.

Tell me why you will pay 50k Naira to swim in a swimming pool to get healing or miracle jobs? Una nor get sense I swear. I don’t blame these fake pastors at all. Their followers have bigger mental health issues. It takes a higher degree of lunacy to subscribe to these lunatics. Even Rev. King still has followers till date.

They tell you that your reward is in heaven lol but they live in mansions and drive latest cars. They move around with police escorts but sell stickers for you to kill witches and enemies. Why cant they use their stickers for protection?

When I talk some ignorant fools will invade my DM with touch not my anointed bulshit. Hey mumu I need to remind you that God did not anoint these scammers. And yes God will bless us that are always saying the truth, doesn’t matter if it’s a pastor, herbalists or politician.

If you understand Christianity and have a direct relationship with God u will never need these idiots in ur life.

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