How Far Can The Super Eagles Go At This Years World Cup Tournament?

Do you know that the Nigerian Super Eagles jersey was voted the best Jersey  at this years world cup being hosted by Russia?
Since then the super eagles players are busy going all over the place slaying with thier new kit. It seems this jersey is more important to them than the games proper. Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with slaying in the new jerseys, but this team doesnt look serious to me but hey what do I know.
Infact I believe that the super eagles are in Russia for fashion parade. So guys don’t expect too much from this team. It’s not like I can’t support my own, its just that I’m a realist and I like to say things the way they are without mincing words.
It looks like our team was banking on juju to do well at this competition. Because few days ago the Russian government forbade Nigerian spporters club and fans from bringing live chickens to matches.
The Nigerian supporters club applied to bring in live chickens to the stadium bc according to them it will bring good luck to the super eagles, can you imagine.  Nigerian suporters club usually dye chickens in our national colors as a good luck symbol. Which of the countries that won the world cup does this senseles act? Maybe the chickens will be the ones to score goals for us abi?
Trust the Russians, they rejected that senseless request. And this is not the first time this kind of stupid request was being rejected. It also happened at the World cup that South Africa hosted, Nigerian fans were turned away from Ellis Park in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2010 after their demand to take chickens, painted in the nation’s colours into the stadium was refused.
So na juju we wan use carry world cup? No wonder Nigeria is in a mess bc everyone believes in senseless and stupid things. Vote in good leaders una nor go gree, Una go collect bribe of 2k naira, vote in wrong people and start praying to God to change the leaders. God wont come down from heaven to change a bad leader to good one, it has never happened in any country before.
All The teams that will do well in this world cup tournament are the best prepared teams from Europe and North America. Quote me anywhere. Germany, Brazil etc will go far not bc of stupid juju, not bc of prayer and fasting, but because they are serious, they started preparing for this world cup years ago, they have serious leaders, they have world class players, they have world class coaches, they have world class traninng facilities in their countries and their government gives them every support they need.
We have some of the most powerful jujumen in the world. And Nigeria also parades some of the richest pastors in the world, the most popular and most powerful prophets in the world, the highest number of pastors and prayer warriors in the world, the largest concentration of churches in the world, yet nothing to show for it. Pray and fast from now till 20 years time, we cannot go far in anything until we stop being stupid and foolish. Why am I worrying myself sef, common sense is not common in Nigeria.
The game is going to start in few hours time and I wish the Nigerian Super Eagles the best of luck. They will need to work hard to be able to qualify from our tough group. May God help us.
NB: I dont wish them bad at all, infact I want us to do well that is why I am concerned and voicing out my anger.
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