How I Celebrated Val With Orphans, Widows and Patients in the hospitals


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This is my first blog post of the year and I’m glad it is about how I celebrated my Val with orphans, widows and needy people in Owerri.

I rarely put any of my charity work on the internet because I personally think that it is unnecessary but my best friend told me to start doing it so as to encourage others to get involved.

I give Kudos to my sister @Grace Jucan for bringing the idea. It was her first project of the year as the reigning Queen Imo State Tourism, she told me about it and I agreed to sponsor it because it is a noble idea.

So on February 14, 2018 we visited orphanage homes and hospitals.  Some patients at St. David’s hospital were discharged over 1 year ago but they couldn’t go home because they cannot afford the hospital bills. I cleared some bills and about 5 patients were allowed go home after being detained in the hospital for months, I was told that some patients have been there for over 1 year. And the more you stay, the more your bills increase. I felt very bad that I couldn’t help everyone in the hospital but I did my best and will go back within 2 weeks.

1. We are not better than those in the hospital and mortuary.
2. It makes you happy and gives inner joy that I cannot explain.
3. Both the Holy Bible and the Quran encourages us to love and help one another.
4. Helping others attracts blessings, unmerited favour and open doors, I am a living witness.

5. Paying tithe is good if you believe in it, giving money to pastors is fine and I do help when I can. But helping the poor and needy is even better, especially those in the hospital.

6. Helping needy people in the hospital is better than giving money to psychophants in the village. The Psychophants will praise you in your face especially when you give them. But any day you stop giving they will start calling you names and trash talk you behind your back. But the patients in the hospital will forever be grateful, they will pray for you for rescuing them.
In my own humble opinion, giving money directly to patients in the hospital is better than giving money to orphanage homes because many greedy cum corrupt Nigerians are using orphanage homes to scam innocent people. Most of that money and gifts you donate to charity will end up in private pockets. For years I have been giving cash and material donations to orphanage homes in Ghana and Nigeria so I know what I am talking about. Just interview kids in such homes then you will know.

I plan to officially register IykBethany Orphanage before the year runs out. Even though I may not be physically present to run it but I will make sure i bring honest people to run it, especially old people above 50 years old, they are less corrupt from my years of research. Younger people tend to be more desperate to become rich so they are more corrupt. I will employ people from Nigeria and Ghana and I will make sure there is 24 hours CCTV surveillance to avoid corruption.
I want to use this medium to encourage you guys to please get involved. Don’t think that you have to be rich before you can help others, don’t wait till you become a millionaire. I have been helping people even when I had nothing. Your 5,000 naira spare money can save someone’s life. Go to Nigerian hospitals then you will understand what I am saying.
For the simple fact that you are healthy and not hospitalized is enough reason to be grateful to God and help the needy as much as you can. We are not better than those in the hospitals.

Thanks to all who read this post up to the end. If you have not yet read my post about Witchcraft please do so now. It’s an interesting read and there’s now 300,000 Naira reward for anyone who can give me the proof that I requested on that particular post. Here is the link:

As usual, I welcome your comments. Till we see another time.

Let Love Lead.



Setting off from Transtel Hotel
let love lead
10k token for all the patients i couldn’t pay off their bills
let love lead


This ladys bill was paid off after waiting in the hospital for months
Mother Divine Child Care Centre Orphanage
showing them love
Mother Divine Child Care Centre Orphanage
Mother Divine Child Care Centre
At the Orphanage
some val gifts we bought for the needy
Group Pic with St. Davids Hospital MD and Staff




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