I am sick and tired of native South Africans killing their fellow black brothers in the name of Xenophobia. This is crazy. These black south africans are extremely lazy, ignorant, illiterate buncha fools that sit in their homes and wait for the government to do everything for them. A country where a motor park tout with no degree will be crying that a doctor from Nigeria or Ghana has taken his job. Guy you are not even educated so how can anyone take your job?

I do not support Nigerians and other Africans that are looting South African owned chops in their countries, because these businsses belong to white South Africans. Like I said above, black South Africans are very lazy fools, they do not own anything in South Africa neither do they have the wisdom and guts to open business overseas.

So for me this is HOW TO FINISH REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA (RSA) Legally and Politically…

1. No need to loot shoprite, its childish and makes us look like hungry buffons lol.

2. Our weapons of revenge should and must be strategic, institutional and economic.

3. Boycotting RSA companies and cutting off ties with them are completely legitimate and effective ways of revenge.

4. Let the whole of Africa severe all ties with RSA in the following ways…

5. No shop in Nigeria and sub Saharan Africa must sell products and Services from South Africa. If just 10 African countries can implement this I can assure you that RSA economy will be crippled within 9 months.

6. Shoprite can continue to operate in Nigeria and other African countries but they must not sell any made in RSA products. This singular act alone will cost RSA thousands of job losses.

7. I plan travelling to RSA this month to import red wines and canned foods, but I have cancelled that plan coz I cannot go to a country where I am not welcomed, not when I have other options and alternatives. I will now go to Chile and Argentina since South Africans don’t need us. If all Nigerian importers will do this it will greatly affect RSA economy.

8. As you can see from the above points, by jointly blacklisting goods and services from SA, we have strategically crippled their economy until they come begging us again like their ancestors did during apartheid.

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