Hypocrisy In Nigeria Especially Igboland


Hypocrisy In Nigeria Especially Igboland

It’s funny how every Nigerian has suddenly become a human right defender, especially the Igbos.

Most Igbos condemn the racism in far away America and senseless killing of innocent black men over there but these same hypocrites do worst things in Nigeria. They openly practice osu caste system where they discriminate and abuse the OSU or outcasts. Well that makes them disgusting HYPOCRITES.

Last time I wrote something about this osu caste system one guy from my village came to my inbox to question me. In his own words he said “bros I know your family very well you are not osu so why you dey carry osu matter for head”. Well since 3 days now that same hypocrite has been on social Media condemning Trump and the American police for killing an innocent black man in USA. So few hours ago I contacted him and questioned why “he dey carry American matter for head since he is not an American”, he started blabbing.

I travel alot and I’ve faced racial discrimination in Asia and Europe so Iunderstand. I’m a Christian but I am not better than a Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu. I’m Igbo and I don’t think that I am better than anyone else, I love everyone irrespective of their race or religion.

Those of you that are insulting trump and those white supremacists in far away America should also condemn the tribalism and discrimination in Nigeria, especially the osu caste system in Igboland. I have lost count of how many Igbo girls that attempted suicide because their fiancee dumped them when they discovered she was osu.

Truth is bitter but someone have to say it. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I come in peace




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