I Am Going Into Agriculture and Need Expert Advise


Its no longer news that our economy is in recession and that people are suffering in Nigeria, and its no longer funny to blame APC or PDP. I think the blame game should stop, because we have been blaming each other in Nigeria since 1960 and till date we are still in a mess. Every tribe in Nigeria claims to be better than the others, every political party claims they are better than the other. We are all in this together, no need to keep wasting time with this blame game, let us join hands together and move Nigeria forward. I believe we all have  roles to play to make things work, its not just the politicians that will move Nigeria forward, you and I have roles to play. I am playing my part, what about you?

Going back to topic, business has been slow because many of my best customers are facing financial crisis. My best customers work in the oil and gas industry, many of them have been sacked while some are being owed salaries. I remember how some of these Shell, Chevron, Agip and NNPC guys used to intimidate us with their fat salaries but today they are crying like you and I.

My second best customers are clearing agents that clear goods at the ports. You need to attend their weddings/parties etc to know how rich they are. These days there’s nothing much to clear at the wharf because dollar is scarce and very high. I think that we can learn one or two things from other peoples mistakes. To me lesson number one is do not look down on people just because you have made it, your poor friend today could be a senator or governor tomorrow. No condition is permanent and no one knows tomorrow. Second lesson is PLAN and have a VISION, that you earn double digits fat salary today doesn’t mean it will last forever.

You will agree with me that when the economy is good most businesses will flourish, but at though times like this where everyone is crying nothing seems to be working. So I have decided to divest, I am going into agriculture to create more jobs and make some money on the long run. I need ideas and guidance. I am looking at the following.


4. PIG FARM etc.

Theres available 4 plots of land in Aluu, Port Harcourt that I could use for a start. If things work out as planned I have up to 15 plots of land in my village which I inherited from my dad, so land is not a problem at all. I can start in Imo or Rivers, I don’t mind.

I called someone yesterday for advise he refused to give any free advise, saying I should pay first. I have no problem with his decision, but I believe money is not everything. I myself has been giving free advise/assistance to people everyday, some can be found on the internet: http://www.nairaland.com/2299535/info-all-those-want-travel

Everyday people contact me for one advise or another especially on shipping and importation business and I always try my best for them. The first time I ventured into importation business I lost money and some people duped me too but it didn’t stop me from teaching others the right things to do. Teaching you about import business will not fold my own company or make me bankrupt. I always feel happy whenever I am able to help someone or provide some sort of assistance where possible.

So please, if you are reading this and if you know one or trow things about agriculture, please help a brother out. I am a fast learner and you wont regret helping me. I would like every advise to be posted here so that others can learn as well. I will document my experience & journey in an eBook which I will share freely on my blogs.
I can be reached with the following contact details:   EMAIL: iykbethany@gmail.com  Phone: 084558815

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