“I AM TOO RICH”, that’s exactly what my friends told me to say at all times even when I nor get shishi? According to them, their pastors say if u say you are broke then you r going to be broke?

I really want to know why “most” Nigerian Christian’s are brainwashed? They just believe whatever their pastors say without making use of their Gods given brain?

Are you aware that the bible condemns lies and deceit? How can you become rich by claiming I am too rich? Dangote is the richest black man and he doesn’t use that word neither does Bill Gates. I have not seen any white person use these line apart from brainwashed Nigerians. I really want to know which one of you has become a millionaire or billionaire by merely saying “I AM TOO RICH”?

As for me when I dont have money I just say it as it is, I don’t need to lie that I am too rich bc some Yahoo pastors told you so. Most of you need a reality check

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