Inspiration/Advise for those that want to be successful


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Success belongs to those who wake up every morning and pursue their dreams regardless of the harsh economic conditions in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general.
Success is for those who have made up their mind not to give up, not to give in and not to throw in the towel.

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Success is never for the ignorant guys that sit in their homes and dream of cutting off someones head to become instant millionaires, you can only hear such senseless stories in Low IQ countries like Nigeria. Recently, eating shit (human faeces) to become rich and successful is the rave of the moment. If its possible to become a millionaire by eating shit then shit will be the most expensive commodity in Nigeria, and it will be more expensive than gold. If you believe those kinds of senseless stories, please receive sense in Jesus name-Amen.

Its disgusting and frustrating to even talk about these kinds of stupid stories but we need to educate our youths otherwise we are in trouble. In Nigeria Lazy or less fortunate men call rich men ritualists, unlucky girls call lucky girls prostitutes, please never mistake knowledge for foolishness. The talk of town used to be blood money, people sit in their homes and talk about how a poor broke guy can kill someone and become instant millionaire, this is total crap but this is Africa, the most superstitious continent in the world. Truth is, you cannot transform human parts, head, breast, penis etc into money, its a fallacy which herbalist and jujumen are using to scam the gullible guys. The number one scammers in Africa are Herbalists and Jujumen. Most of them are fake, make stupid claims to deceive gullible people. Let me ask, where were these herbalist and jujumen when the white colonial masters invaded our country, raped our mothers and used our people as slaves? Why didn’t they use these same charms and juju to defeat the colonial masters? Why not use it to defeat boko haram? Why cant we use it to end poverty, crime or even improve our life?

Success is for the wise, smart and intelligent people that have BIG DREAMS, they set goals for themselves and work towards achieving their goals. Every year I set targets for myself and I make sure that I achieve my targets. If you do not set goals or targets for yourself then you need to wake up. Sometimes I fail, but I never give up, I keep pushing. I never blame enemies for my failure unlike most Nigerians do, when you fail here, loose a job or face a calamity your pastor or herbalist will tell you it is an enemy, then you start fighting innocent people. This is a big problem in Nigeria.Inline image 2

Success is for those who do not blame witches and enemies when they fail. I personally have attempted many businesses, travelled to different continents, failed many times, made mistakes and learn from my mistakes till I succeeded in International business. Since then I have been offering both paid and free advise/consultancy services on international business, import and export. I do these both online and offline. My free importation guide on Vietnam has received over 60,000 views online and nearly 200 email inquiries:

If you want to be successful you MUST surround yourself with smart intelligent people that are hungry for success. You must stop associating yourself with people that like blaming blames. They blame their parents, they blame God, blame governors, presidents, witches etc. When they see successful people they get angry and start gossiping. Such people never do well in life, no matter how much they fast and pray. Life is not all about fasting and praying, sometimes what is holding you down could be your bad character, attitude etc. If becoming rich and successful is all about prayer and fasting then Nigeria will be the richest country on earth. I have travelled far and wide and have not seen any country as religious as Nigerians, yet we are the poorest. There is nothing wrong in fasting and praying, but thats not all. You need to love people, quick racism/tribalism, dont see anyone as your enemy, dont gossip, help people when you can and be of good character/behaviour.

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Success is for those who have said “It is not going to be over until I win”, success is for those who don’t suffer from “what will people say syndrome”. Success is for those who believe in themselves. Success is for those who love and help people. No matter how many times you fast and pray daily, if you hate people and do not show love or help others then you are on a long thing. Its one of my top secrets, helping others will open more doors and opportunities for you. And when you help people, NEVER expect anything in return, because the heart of the black man is very BLACK. Their loyalty ends the moment they no longer get help from you. If you are in Nigeria and you want God to bless you in your endeavours, then you must stop HATING, avoid TRIBALISM and LOVE people. Do not see Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba or any tribe as your enemies, there are good and bad people from all the tribes. Even in our families there are people that are good, bad and ugly, so stop generalising.
Success is for you, never underestimate the ability and the potential that has been invested in you. You’ve got Greatness within you and you deserve to be successful.
May God grant us all our hearts desires in Jesus name- Amen

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