1. It’s just two letters but it packs a powerful punch, or at least we think it does because so many of us are afraid to say it. For some reason people particularly women are afraid to say NO. They feel the need to justify their responses. We feel the need to excuse. We feel the need to sugar coat it, soften it and not offend. NO is the opposite of YES and as often as we use yes we should also learn to use No when necessary as long as it guarantees our safety and makes us do the right thing. Most times we unknowingly encourage people struggling with drug addiction by giving them money to continue that lifestyle. When you see someone struggling with these problems no matter how it hurts Learn to say NO.

A young Lady is being wooed by a handsome and rich man who is utterly bereft of manners and respect for a lady…who doesn’t hesitate to hit a lady at the slightest provocation…say NO and mean it. Why settle for less when you can actually learn a trade or a skill and in no distant time you’ll be your own boss.

Are you married or perhaps in a relationship. Have you resolved initially to stick to one partner at a time and there are these beautiful/handsome slay queens/kings all over the place…some even go as far as making advances…Say No and mean it.

  1. Learning to say NO doesn’t make you lesser than you are infact it disciplines you. No one will do it for you, you are going to resolve to do it yourself with determination and self-discipline.
  1. SAY NO TO DRUGS: So many people are struggling with addiction that no matter how much they try. They still find their way back to these drugs…Say No and mean it like your life depends on it.
  1. SAY NO TO PORNOGRAPHY: Some people are curled up in the web of pornography addiction with constant struggle to break free. They can’t help themselves…the two letter word should come to play here Say NO.
  1. SAY NO TO MASTURBATION: A lot of our brothers and sisters are entangled in this bad habit.. with the whole feeling of disgust these people swear not to resort to it but still find themselves in the acts…Say a determined NO and stick to it. It destroys lives.
  1. SAY NO TO PROSTITUTION: Sadly some of our young girls sleep around oftentimes with men old enough to be their fathers because of money that is not isn’t enough to cater for all their needs. The funny thing is these girls crave to be better and lead responsible lives but do not know how to go about it. Say No today.
  1. SAY NO TO RAPE: What’s the use waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims (mostly women) to rape them and later wallow in regret. Most of our men both young and old are preying on innocent women and even kids like predators that when this urge comes it’s often hard for them to fight. Say No today and resolve to stand your ground.

Above all SAY YES to exploring positive ideas, learning new skills that will better and not batter our conscience, reputation and most importantly our future. YES to getting busy while trying to overcome these addictions. YES to starting from somewhere no matter how small. YES to entrepreneurship. YES to being someone younger ones will gladly emulate. Stay focused and positive.


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