Let’s Make Money With Agro Business


Guys, this is the best time to venture into agriculture. Our borders are closed and they

will remain closed for a long time. I see a great opportunity here, I’m someone that doesn’t joke with opportunities. I rarely complain coz complaining and doing nothing doesn’t solve problems.

From farming, poultry, fishing, snails, bees, grasses, flowers, cash crops, livestock, processing, packaging, marketing etc – opportunities are endless.

Most people will say no money to start but honestly many of us waste money on stupid things. Someone is carrying 70k Brazilian hair, 300k phone and still claims no money to start a business 😯😲☹. What about guys that blow over 400k in a club in one night.

You can start a small poultry with less than 200k. It’s not every business that requires millions of Naira startup.

Sadly, Nigerian youths and the average Nigerian are totally blind to the huge opportunities and money in farming, they prefer office jobs and quick money. They say we are lazy youths, is it not high time we prove them wrong?

Honestly there is no reason we should be importing frozen chicken or fish from overseas. I stopped buying frozen chicken long time ago bc for one it tastes horrible.

Nigerian frozen chicken is better. Very tasty and free from preservatives and chemicals.

Lets go into Agriculture, we can go solo or come together as a team. But trust is a major problem. Pls Let’s stop complaining and start doing something. Shalom

NB: if you are interested to partner with me in agro business please contact me using the contact page or connect with me @iykbethany via all social networks

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