My Sincere Advise To My Nigerian Sisters This Xmas


Greetings My Beloved Nigerian sisters,

Yeah its the best month of the year when we get to meet some of our old school mates, friends and family members who are living in different cities/countries.  Some of our brothers in foreign countries have already started returning home, it is very possible to meet your dream man during this festive period, but please take note of the following….

1. Not every guy that is wearing gold chain is rich, many of those chains are not real gold. Sisters please dont be deceived.
2. Stop judging a mans financial worth by his dressing or appearance, some rich dudes dont actually look rich. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world yet he dosnt dress rich or flashy, and so is most of the richest people in the world including Mark of Facebook and our own Dangote.   Some guys have no investments but are wearing multi million Naira designers clothing’s, while there are some guys that have lots of investments but rarely wear designers. Yeah I think Its okay to look good but i know many successful people that dont put much emphasis on fashion.
3. Not every guy with a flashy car is rich, so my sisters please stop looking down on guys without cars. My guy was in Nigeria recently to look for a wife. Whenever he is driving his mercedes SUV most girls will give him attention but the few times i told him to move around with keke (Tricycle) no single girl gave him attention. Some guys use 70% of their net worth to buy expensive cars just to look rich and intimidate ignorant people. I am saying this because I interact with many girls on and off social media, most girls want a guy that is already made, especially those that are driving the latest G Wagons and Range Rovers. Some of those guys are broke. Otherwise how do you describe a guy that drives 2016 G Wagon and range rover but is still living in rented apartment?
4. Not every pot bellied guy is rich, some of those pot bullies could be as a result of lack of exercise, obesity, diabetes etc. Dangote has no pot belly but he is the wealthiest black man on earth. Our vice president (Yemi osinbanjo) is not fat but he is very educated, rich and successful. Im saying this because many Nigerians think that slim men are broke. Biko umunnem, this is 2017, body size has nothing to do with wealth biko.
5. Stop looking ‘only’ for already made men. Yes its cool to marry a man that is already rich and loaded but theres nothing wrong with marrying a man that is still growing. Some of the rich successful men you envy today married when they had nothing. Our former president Goodluck Jonathan was broke when he married Patience Jonathan but today they are rich and successful. I know some of you will come for my head claiming that some men are ingrates, you help them to grow but once they get some money they dump you. Yes its true but not all men are like that, besides, some girls do same thing to guys as well.
6. Stop looking down on people and DO NOT underrate anyone. The poor guy you call ‘broke’ today could be a millionaire tomorrow. Life can flip in a matter of seconds. Facebook owner was poor some years ago, but with his vision, wisdom and focus he is one of the richest men in the world today. So please DO NOT underrate anyone because you are not God. This advise is for both Nigerian guys and girls.
7. My Beloved Sisters please have some manners, love and respect people. I know some guys are annoying, stubborn etc but hey there are some polite ways of saying no to a guys advances. Being rude or arrogant nor go take you anywhere my dear. I am talking from experience.
8. Stop living a fake life. Yes stop pretending to be rich if you are not. My guy was dating a girl that claimed that her father is rich and loaded. The babe is lazy, doesn’t know how to wash clothes etc, she claims that her dad got her a housemaid that does all the house chores for her. But within two months she started begging, from recharge cards to money to buy food, transport fare to visit her sick mom etc. One day my guy asked her, babes but when we met you told me that your father is rich,you also told me that you dont know how to cook and wash clothes because your daddy got you a house help. So how come you cant ask your dad to send you money for food, even transport fare to visit your sick mom? Well the babe started blabbing.
9. Stop forming porsh and classy if you aint, fake life turns some guys off including me. For instance, if you dont know how to use cutleries, nne biko devour that meat or chicken with your hands. Its not funny for you to be struggling with fork and knife in public, especially if you dont know how to use them. I was impressed with my friends secretary recently, we were eating in a restaurant when she asked, ‘is it okay if I use my hands’, I was really impressed with her, because some girls sabi form.
8. Fake British or American accent does not pay bills. Speaking big grammar or being fluent in English doesn’t mean that someone is intelligent. Afteral there are so many guys that speak big grammar but from year to year they are carrying big files looking for job from one office to another. But if you go to Onitsha, Lagos or Aba you will see some traders and importers that cant speak good English but they have multi million naira worth of businesses all over Nigeria.
9. Choose a wise man with vision over a rich foolish man. Do I need to explain this one? Hell no.
10. STOP believing in stupid things. For example, many Nigerian girls believe that the reason they are not yet married is because of witches, wicked uncle, wicked aunt or village people. This is total bulshit my sisters. Let me tell you my story. A fake pastor came to my house few years ago and told me that my uncle placed a vodoo charm on my car, that he must take the car to his temple for 7 days special prayers otherwise I will crash and die. He also told me that I was supposed to be very wealthy but my uncle placed a charm in my house to stop me from being successful. But I told him that he was lying. His name is Chiedozie Chilaka, he is the same idiot that claimed to have raised a dead man in Owerri last week. Mind you it was my mom that invited him to our house because women are easily deceived. Mom attended one of his crusades and he singled my mom out telling her he needs to come to our family for deliverance, this guy has many boys working for him. His boys are his informants, they get secret information for him. Once he comes to your house he starts telling you this man that died it was this or that person that killed him, he did alot of this in my village but after I exposed him he hasn’t come back.  All I am trying to say is, if I was a fool or mugu I would be fighting with my uncles by now. These fake pastors have destroyed many families, its a pity. I am well travelled and know that in developed countries people dont need pastors or herbalists to get a wife, husband, job, buy a car etc. But here in Nigeria the story is different, most people think and reason differently because of poverty and ignorance.
I did a research and have come to realise that religion flourishes mostly in developing nations with bad leadership and failed government because most citizens mistake every human problems or challenges arising from failed government as spiritual.
Sub Saharan Africa is filled with bad leaders who over the years have failed their citizens in all ramifications. So out of frustration, most Africans now believe it is witches, enemies or evil people that is the cause of their poverty, joblessness, disease, barrenness, misfortune etc.
The simple truth is, the reason most Nigerian graduates do not have a job is because we have useless government. The economy is bad and many companies are folding up. I know many guys that want to marry but they cant go into marriage because they have no good job. I have 3 girls on my Facebook friendlist that actually believe that their mother is a witch that is why nothing is working for them, this is what their pastor told them. So what I am trying to say is, if you believe in these kinds of senseless things YOU ARE JUST LIMITING YOURSELF. Be a good girl, live a good life and wait for your turn. Shouting I receive from one church to another nor go give anybody husband, rather you will be making fake pastors rich.
Finally, please my brothers and sister dont allow herbalists and fake pastors to destroy your family. Very soon thely are coming to tell you that the reason you graduated from the university since 1960 and still remain jobless is because of this person or that person, or that the reason why a pretty woman like you is not yet married is because this person is a witch. All these nonsense must stop this year. Try to be wise and smart, stop being gullible. We should be fighting the government because they got us into this mess. We have been fighting witches and enemies since 1960 without anything to show for it because we have been fighting the wrong people. The right people to fight is the government, I hope they wont come for my head but I have said it as it is and God in heaven knows it is the plain truth.
May God bless us all and grant us our hearts desires in Jesus name-Amen.


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