“Nigeria has a big problem ahead of her”

Nigerian Crude Oil, poverty in Nigeria, Senators Salary, Salary of Nigerian Senators, coronavirus, covid-19
Nigerian Crude Oil, poverty in Nigeria, Senators Salary, Salary of Nigerian Senators, coronavirus, covid-19
Oil is our main source of income but sadly the price of oil is dwindling coupled with coronavirus that is ravaging global economies. Italy is already on lockdown, all Seria A matches cancelled. And just this morning President Trump cancelled all flights coming from Europe to USA, just to show you how serious this shit is.

Nigerian Crude Oil, poverty in Nigeria, Senators Salary, Salary of Nigerian Senators, coronavirus, covid-19

SO WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? Smart nations with good leadership and vision have all diversified their economies’ ages ago but here, we are still talking of Electricity, road rehabilitation in 2020 and our senators are still the highest paid in the whole world??? A third world country that cannot feed itself, where most of its citizens live in poverty??? Countries like USA, UAE, Canada, Norway, United Kingdom etc are oil exporting countries like Nigeria but they WILL NOT feel any pain from oil crash but stupid cum visionless countries like Venezuela and Nigeria might go bankrupt.
And these clueless people still want to borrow over 22 billion dollars? Who will repay this loan and how will it be repaid and for how long are we going to pay up? Purging our generations to eternal servitude. “Nigeria has a big problem ahead of her” and we may more than likely be another Venezuela as long as we dont diversify and continue to pay senators outrageous amounts.
SOLUTION: Diversify the fucking economy, invest serious money in education, IT, tourism and manufacturing. How can we import handkerchief, toothpicks, razor blades, food items etc? We must produce most of what we consume, so we need to cut down on imports to grow the economy. We also need to export manufactured goods and not just CRUDE OIL. This oil made us lazy and very soon oil will be worthless and useless. And STEADY LIGHT is a MUST otherwise we will continue to live in poverty and penury.
Prayer and fasting cannot solve our problems, God is not stupid. No country becomes rich or developed by fasting and prayer. If wealth is built on fasting and prayer Nigerians will be the richest people on earth. Having travelled around the world there is no country on this planet that prays like Nigerians, yet we are the poorest and most miserable people in the world. Jesus is an Israelite yet Israelites don’t fast and pray like us. They don’t depend on God for miracles. They vote in good leaders that in turn develop their country. Israeli soldiers, doctors and scientists are among the best in the world but they didn’t achieve any of these by fasting and prayer. I am not saying you should not fast and pray but my point is that God will not build our roads, neither will He come down from heaven to elect good leaders for us. During election, we collect 2k bribes to vote in dullards into office because they gave us bribe or simply because they are from our tribe lol, now look at where we are????
Finally, these corrupt and greedy politicians MUST Cut their stupid salaries and live like people from a poor country. Nigerian senators don’t deserve more than 300k monthly salary. The jumbo pay should be for infrastructure not individual compensation!
Iyke is tired of Nigerians and its corrupt leaders and you can decode that from my tone. No apologies….
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