Nigeria vs Argentina


So we won against Iceland and musa is now an idol, almost every 9ja babe now want to marry musa or be his baby mama.

Anyway I pray we win or at least get a draw but truth be told, we don’t have a single world class player and our coach is not good enough so it won’t be easy for Nigeria.

To win we must take the game to the Argentines and not just run around like headless chickens like we did against Croatia.

If we want to get a good result then Nigeria MUST score first and defend, if Argentina score first then forget it. If we play well we will get a draw bc that’s all we need to qualify. I don’t see Nigeria winning against Argentina today, the best result we will get is a draw which to me is not too bad.


1. Messi would like to prove haters wrong today.

2. In the bible the messiah rose on the third day. So messi will be merciless today.

3. Argentina has many world class players, fifa and the referee will want to protect such players.

4. Video Assisted Referee (VAR) only favours big teams like Argentina abi una no watch Portugal, Spain and Morocco games yday?

With most international pundits and even the international media already writing off Nigeria, the Super Eagles need to be very careful in how they approach today’s final game. If anything, yesterday’s matches showed that when the occasion is grand, the smaller teams suffer from the decisions of the VAR, compared to the big teams.

This World Cup have had it’s share of upsets and I dare say our boys would write their names in the annals of upsets today. It’s up to them to at least avoid defeat and scale to the round of sixteen.

Finally, if Nigeria win today I will run from my village to Owerri butt naked, I will upload the photos here so stay tuned

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