Nigerian Religious Hipocrites


How can you claim to be a Christian but you are calling on God to kill someone slowly with a painful death bc she holds different opinion about our pastor and his preaching? I have been attending salvation ministry since the last 17 years but I cannot support evil bc he is my pastor. I love Ibiyomies preaching but I don’t lick pastors asses, that’s for retards.

Our pastor criticised the government and claim that COVID-19 is not real, he actually made mockery of the entire system. Now a UK based doctor who is in the frontline fighting this pandemic criticised our pastor for lying and deceiving people. Now every salvation ministry member is on social Media praying for death to come upon this lady? Well God is not man.

Those of you that spend all your life defending pastors even when they are wrong, I will just advise that you put same effort to serve God in truth and spirit.

Most of you religious bigots will drink sniper if your pastor commands you to do so, you are so brainwashed that you now reason from your anus.

If only we fear God the same way we fear pastors.




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