Northern Politicians Are Smarter Than Southern Politicians


In my own humble opinion, Nothern politicians are the most intelligent people in Nigeria. The Southerners are just bunch of jokers, chest beaters and noise makers especially the Igbos and Yorubas. Yes I’m Igbo but I don’t have to lie, I say it as it is without mincing words.

How can you Southerners claim to be wise and intelligent people yet you can’t unite or make any decisions in your country lol.

The North decides what happens in Nigeria, appointments, projects, allocations, economy, security I mean EVERYTHING. All the top juicy positions are headed by Northerners, Police, Army, Airforce, Customs, Immigration etc. They even decide who wins governorship elections in our respective states.

Most of our governors are their puppets that must do their bidding or get kicked out. But we still claim to be king kong. Check all the mega projects going on across this country, from high speed railways to power, roads, bridges etc. The bulk of these projects are in the north and it didn’t start today, it’s been like this for ages, even our own Jonathan couldn’t locate any major developmental projects to the South.

The northerners don’t joke with their language, culture and their radio stations. The southern jokers are more interested in foreign culture, NOLLYWOOD, zword and many nonsensical stuffs that adds no value to their lives.

During elections the so called intelligent southerners don’t even come out to vote in large numbers, they sit in their homes and tell you how the election has already been rigged, ndi iberibe.

But the so called not so educated northerners will come out in large numbers to vote, if possible sef they add their goats, chickens and even under age bc they understand it’s a game of numbers.

The Northerners may not be as educated as the Southerners but they are way smarter in all ramifications.

We are still in 2020 but the North have already united to make sure their anointed son that will protect their best interest becomes the next president, they will always succeed because they are United and speak with one voice.


But the south is divided against ethnic lines, its either the Igbos are accusing the Yorubas or the Yorubas are accusing the Igbos. Anyday these two groups come together things will change for the better.

I want to see a Nigeria that will be run by the best brains and not because he is from our tribe or religion.

So many potentials are wasting here, to even run a successful business here is difficult because of poor government policies. To set up a business here you must provide your own electricity, water, security etc

A lot of countries granted tax wavers for both companies and individuals cause of Coronavirus pandemic, but what we’re seeing here is multiple taxation.

What about the stupid bank charges? Below are series of charges always placed on innocent customers in a single banking transaction.

1 VAT.
2. Account maintenance charges
3. SMS alert charges
4. Transfer charges
5. Postal STAMP DUTY charges
6. Weekend charges.

I’m a trader, I sell building materials which includes cement and others. The landing cost of a bag of cement is #2,550 while we sell #2,600. That is a profit of just #50 per bag of cement.

Now on every 2 bags of cement, a customer transfers #5,200 into my account due to CASHLESS policy and my profit is #100.

To my amazement, the bank deducted the following on that transaction!

1. #53 transfer charges.
2. #100 Postal STAMP duty.
3. #6.98 VAT.
4. #76 SMS alerts charges.
5. #93.13 account maintenance charges.

If that was not enough, on every single transaction, both account FROM which money is being transferred and the account TO which money is being transferred were charged for same transaction.

This is just a tip of the iceberg and this is why we cannot successfully fight corruption in Nigeria. Infact, corruption and crime is on the increase because as long as most people are poor in any country, crime and corruption will be on the increase, if you like build prison and police station in every village poor frustrated hungry youths must find a way to survive, legally or illegally. I don’t support crime of any kind, I’m just saying the government should wake up and build a better economy so as to lift people out of poverty. It’s on record that most poor countries are crime ridden.

This is just a wake up call to the South to wake up from sleep and take their rightful place or forever remain relegated to the backyard.

I’m a Christian of Igbo extraction but I don’t hate anyone, I love Hausas, Igbos and Yorubas.  I’m just a truth SAYER even though many people don’t want to hear the truth but I still have to say it as it is.

I’m saying this because of the way the igbos and yorubas attacked me after i posted this on some forums, even on Facebook. But most people agreed with me on nairaland, click here to read their comments.

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