Poor Nigerians Are Very Wicked And Heartless Than Politicians They Criticize


From what is happening in Nigeria recently, it seems to me that poor Nigerians are more wicked and heartless than the politicians they are always criticizing. Give a poor man power or small opportunity and see his true color. Tomorrow they will tell me how bible says it will be difficult for the rich to make heaven, as if the bible told them anywhere that heaven is for the poor?
Look at ordinary garri that is not imported from overseas, garri is now more expensive than foreign rice??? Its same thing with fufu and others. What the poor people dont understand is that na dem go still suffer this stupid increases because if you increase your garri, the tomato seller as well as pepper and maggi sellers will all increase.

I went to the market yesterday and concluded that Nigeria is irredeemable. Even Jesus cannot redeem this country. Tufiakwa

That’s why I don’t even criticize Buhari bc if given the opportunity these poor people will be worse than Buhari.
Every opportunity we get we want to use it to extort others yet we will be crying and complaining about SARS, EFCC, APC, NEPA etc.

The only time poor people criticize corrupt politicians is when it is not benefiting them. Let a corrupt criminal rig election they will support him simply because he comes from their region or tribe or religion. Poor people are part of the problem in Nigeria, na dem dey collect 1k bribe and vote criminals into power, yet they expect the corrupt fool that bribed his way into office to work for them??? Even if Jesus christ come to Nigeria in 2023 Nigerians will not vote for Him, rather they will vote for a greedy/corrupt criminal that give them small small bribe.

Let me give you one example. One of the machine operators in my printing company did a printing job of 280k but he recorded 200k, because my manager was not around when that job came. How did i found out? That same customer came to the office recently to do another job and complained that the job we did for him last time was very expensive, i asked him how much was the job, he said 280k, i checked my record books and alas my machine operator wrote 200k and ate 80k? this is someone i gave free accommodation plus 85k monthly salary? Tomorrow this one will sit somewhere and condemn politicians? If you make this kind of person a governor wont he sell the entire state in 2 years? So you see, the poor people are not better or more righteous than the politicians, if the table turns the poor might be worse….

NB: I am not in any way insulting poor people, I am not rich myself, I am just saying that we should not pretend as if we are better than these corrupt politicians, because maybe if given the same opportunity we fit thief pass these people we are insulting lol.

PS: Let us not just criticize and do nothing. I understand times are hard and many of these poor women are managing, let us support them whenever we can, no matter how small:

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