Recent trip to Ebonyi State


I recently made a short trip to Ebonyi state and I was marveled at the rate at which the state is developing.

Travelling they say is part of education. Sadly, most Nigerians look down on Ebonyi people, they are called all sorts of names but the truth is that Ebonyi state is not as backward as you think and they have better road network than most states in Nigeria including my state (Imo).

I spent one week in Ebonyi and visited 4 local government areas without seeing a pot hole, just tell me which state in Nigeria can match that unless Abuja.

Ebonyi is also one of the safest states in Nigeria, no armed robbery, no ritual killings, no desperation to become rich, the citizens are ready to hawk gala on the highways than steal female parties 🤣. Their women hustle more than men, from my hotel window I saw women mixing cement and carrying mortar on their head like men, that was my first time of seeing that, I captured it in the attached videos.

I’m not in any way trying to say Ebonyi is crime free, not at all. Poverty comes with alot of social vices but truth is crime rate in Ebonyi is very low and you can sleep with both eyes closed.

The governor of Ebonyi (Dr. Dave Umahi) is God sent, may God bless him. This man is a silent achiever. Ebonyi receives the lowest allocation in the federation yet the governor has been able to do alot with it. That’s why I’ve always maintained the fact that the problem with Nigeria is never the president, if our governors, senators and LGA chairmen will do their job Nigeria will be a developed country by now.

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