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Alcohol is highly addictive! The problem is once you become dependent, you may not be able to stop even if it’s killing you! You will helplessly prefer drinking to living. It affects virtually all the organs of the body thereby increasing the risk of liver damage, kidney failures, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, cancers, impotence/infertility, abnormalities and birth defects (if a pregnant mother consumes it) etc.

According to a recent BBC report, over 3 million bottles of codeine are consumed every day in northern Nigeria alone and this is the main reason the Federal government recently banned any cough syrup that contains codeine.  In another report, The Nigerian Senate estimates that as many as three million bottles of codeine syrup are drunk every single day in just two states, Kano and Jigawa.

With the high rate of mental illness across Nigeria due to alcohol and drug abuse,  I just wonder what Nigeria will look like in 10 years time. And the sad thing is, once someone develops a mental problem in Nigeria his or her family will blame witches, enemies or village people. Its sad and pathetic.

Did you also know that alcohol and drug abuse affects the mind, emotion and could also lead to difficulty in relationship with others, domestic violence, broken homes, challenges in workplace, academic problems, poor religious commitments, sleep problems, sex issues, accidents, depression, outburst of anger etc the list is just endless.


Excessive Alcohol intake has made beer parlor business a very lucrative one. I know of some people who just don’t feel the same if they go a day without taking alcohol. Infact a man once said and I quote ”How do i survive without alcohol? Really? Also take a look at another man’s budget for the month… He earns 100k monthly and his budget goes thus…Feeding allowance 20k…The children’s school fees 20k and the rest goes to alcohol. To the disgust of their loved ones, they tend to be unapologetic as they helplessly prefer drinking to living. Alcoholism drains a man financially emotionally and otherwise.


Those in the rural areas are not left out in this addiction. Growing up in the village, youths do all kinds of menial jobs in the daytime ranging from cutting of palm fruits, bricklayer jobs, farming and so on just to squander the money in the evening at a local beer parlour.

In some villages also there are places where people gather to drink this locally made dry gin (ogogoro). People troop in to places like this when they can not afford beer to satisfy this alcohol urge…Men Women young men and young women alike.

An aged woman I once knew who took to alcohol (the ogogoro type) as a lifestyle. She would frequent these areas as soon as the cock crows, with or without money. Her Children did all in their power to stop her but every effort proved abortive. She continued pouring this chemical-like substance into her body even without proper food until her poor body couldn’t take it anymore as the alcohol completely dried up all the blood in her body, she was as white as paper and she gave up.


Loosening the grip of alcohol on your life and health may be a long gradual process with failures that may make you feel powerless and weak-willed, but, never give up. Admit that you have a problem with alcohol and that you need help. List the benefits of stopping, and make a commitment to stop drinking. Avoid and get rid of every source of temptations. Find new ways of thinking and living.

Prepare for alcohol urges, cravings and triggers. If you must drink, please drink water! if it must be in a bottle please drink bottled water.

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