Religiosity & Ignorance Will Kill Many Nigerians

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When we talk about most Nigerian pastors being GREEDY & more interested in money than salvation their LOW IQ minions will start rambling as if defending fake pastors is automatic ticket to heaven.

Take for instance, winners Chappel. Winners Chapel church were shut in UK, USA, Ghana etc. They obey laws in foreign lands but in Nigeria they don’t care. Yesterday Oyedepo held a mega service at the church’s headquarters (Canaanland) in defiance of the state government’s order for gatherings, social and religious, to be restricted to 50 persons

COZA Abuja did the same thing bc of GREED, Police had to use teargas to disperse their members.


The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Korea is above 8,000. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that, 60 percent of all confirmed cases in the country were tracked to Shincheonji Church of Jesus, where just one woman infected over 40 people during a church service and those 40 people infected more and more people. That lady is now known as Patient 31 in Korea. Over 5,000 coronavirus cases in South Korea is linked to that 35 years old woman.

The Italians made the same mistake. They were warned but the citizens think they know too much. They say its normal flu lol, they were going to churches, clubs, parties etc hugging and kissing and now they are dying like fowl.

Italy is a developed European country with world class hospitals and doctors, if they are dying like this just imagine our fate in Nigeria, A shit hole country without any single world class hospital. There is not any hospital in Nigeria that has ordinary 200 beds.

Most of you don’t know how serious this CORONAVIRUS shit is, I have been shouting for weeks bc I have friends that work with WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION, CDC and UNICEF and they keep saying that Millions will die unless we take proactive measures NOW by staying indoors for few weeks. Shouting God forbid won’t do shit, what will do shit is you having sense. Use your Gods given brain for once.

I confronted some people yesterday and wanted why they were going to church despite all the warnings. You know what one girl told me? She said ‘i no no coronavirus and coronavirus nor go know me’. The other one said she carry plenty anointing so coronavirus wont near her house lol. These dingbats make me laugh, as if they are holier than the Italians and Europeans that are dying in hundreds daily.

If you get the virus you will need oxygen, ventilators etc. How many hospitals in Imo State has ventilators and oxygen? Not up to 5 lol.

We need to wake up before it’s too late. I think its even too late sef bc only God knows how many people contracted the virus yesterday.

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