The talk on sexual abuse has lingered on for some time now and still little or nothing is being done about it.

This undesired sexual behavior has totally become worse than a vice in the sense that, almost every girl out there has been or will still be a victim. In Nigeria alone, records show that sexual abuse has become a daily thing with the perpetrators of this heinous act of suppressing, intimidating and even threatening their victims not to speak up.


The worst part is that, 80% of people who are sexually abused are kids who are either too scared to tell their experiences or kids who are serving in homes owned by these abusers. In situations like this, they assume that everything done to them by their master is the right thing. Even when they know its wrong, they dare not utter a word. Without mincing words, the society has raised a lot of sexual perverts who are stemmed from either spoilt kids or men who felt controlling their libido wasn’t necessary. Such people grow up to become threats to the society and more so, to the little innocent girl growing.


Sometime ago, the news of a 70 years old man raping (abusing) a girl of 8 years went viral, while other people totally condemned the granny.  Some couldn’t help, but throw shades at the girl's mother for neglecting the responsibility of knowing her daughters whereabouts at the given time. Yes, parents should have a fair share of the blame as well. Some kids are totally neglected and not cared for by their parents, who are either pursuing career or money; therefore parents should be on the lookout for their kids and know what happens to them. That neighbour, that uncle; takes that opportunity to do and undo.


Parents should as well be encouraged to have as many kids as they can afford to comfortably take care of. There is nothing nice at all in having 10 kids, when you can’t even feed one with the flimsy excuse of God gave them, God will take care of them. Later on, send them out to these pervert Uncles and Aunties who do

Whatever they wish to them, after all no one is there to speak for them. A lot is happening; one has to be really cautious with our girl kids. Research has shown that Boys are not left out in this. I read a story some time ago where a grown woman who was supposedly Sex starved; preyed on a little boy who lived in her neighbourhood ordering and urging him to do all manner of nasty things in exchange for a little token. What is our world turning into?


Sexual abuse happens every day, yet people speak and write about it on daily basis. Almost every lady has or still has sexual abuse experience as a kid. Some were just attempts and advances, while others were completely abused. The reason some of these victims failed to speak up was fear of being discriminated, condemned and talked about.

Sexual abuse carries with it a long lasting emotional and physical trauma regardless of age. Victims of sexual abuse often internalize their symptoms which often lead to depression, poor self-esteem, and difficulty trusting in relationships, sexual problems and higher risk of substance intake/abuse.



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