Ship goods from China, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia


You can now ship your goods from China, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia down to Nigeria and Ghana at very attractive rates. We offer both ocean/sea freight and air freight. Our Shipping rate is @ $5 per kilo.

Over the years, The Iykbethany Group of Companies have built a strong network of partnerships around the world which makes it possible for us to procure goods for you from any country in the world and also handle your cargo and container shipments from any country around the world down to your preferred seaport on the African continent. Just contact us today and tell us what particular product or services you want us to procedure or import for you.

Before now I do not carry goods that is below 10 kg, but this is about to change. I am aware that DHL, UPS and other courier companies are making a killing from Nigerian girls who are into importation of natural hair and eye lashes. A certain lady called me from Lagos and told me Fedex wants her to pay over 200k naira as a clearance fee for 10 kilos of human hair, this is crazy.


Please stop wasting your hard earned money and time with FEDEX, DHL and UPS, I can deliver your human hair, eye lashes, clothes and shoes to any location in Nigeria or Ghana at very attractive rates. My charge is just $5 per kilo, compare that to DHL or FEDEX that usually charge above $100 per kilo.

Ship goods from China, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia


This offer is for cargo and container shipments from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Turkey only. More countries in Europe and USA will be added late.


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