Snake swallowing another snake what does it mean?


Snake swallowing another snake what does it mean? Just few days ago Something like that happened in one village in my LGA and everyone is saying it’s a bad omen but I tend to disagree.

I just did a Google search and saw it has happened millions of times in different parts of the world. Search in YouTube or Google and you will see that snakes do swallow snakes around the world. Why are we this superstition in Nigeria?

If truly it’s a sign and maybe its true that our ancestors can speak to us through such signs, what were they doing when the white man came to Africa and raped our mothers and daughters? Our so called powerful juju, oracles and herbalists watched the white man take us into slavery, took our lands, natural resources, tied our mothers, raped them, abused them and the Oracle and juju didn’t do nothing and yall are telling me that snake swallowing another snake is a sign? Why cant the fucking snake open its mouth and talk maybe I will believe.

Okay why didn’t we get same signs when our leaders are coming to loot us or when kidnappers or robbers are coming to kill and destroy? Why cant our ancestors or snakes alert us when Boko Haram is coming to unleash mayhem on our people?

There is no superstitious society that is developed, they are all backward bc they are all chasing shadows. This is the same mistake our ancestors made, they killed innocent twins and claim they are evil children. Now most of us have university degrees yet we behave like village touts. Why must we repeat the same mistake our illiterate parents made?

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