Some Of The Dumbest Things I Believed As A Kid


These Are Some Of The Dumbest Things I Believed As A Kid

  • If I swallow any seed the tree will grow on my head. Especially mango, udara etc.
  • If a lizard see my missing tooth it will not grow again
  • If You bite me and I mix chicken shit and red oil all your teeth will remove/ fall off.
  • I use to believe that eating head of ice fish together with the eyes will make my eyes big as well.
  • There is grinding machine in my stomach that digest the food i eat.
  • When i eat food in the night, i am eating with the devil.
  • Wen I swallow gum it will tie my intestine and I will die.
  • Rubber band sucks blood
  • I used to believe that all pot belly men are rich.
  • That Nnamdi Azikiwe tricked mamy water into a bottle before they were able to dredge river Niger
  • If I touch any girl she will get pregnant, reason why I don’t near girls till date as I don’t want wahala.
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