Stop DELIBERATELY giving birth like rabbit and expect God to feed your kids.


Why do Nigerians have kids ANYHOW and expect God to look after them. When you talk they will ignorantly say it is faith but that shit is not FAITH. That is STUPIDITY and FOOLISHNESS. Nigerians produce more CHILDREN than RABBITS.

You see parents giving birth to children they know they can’t cater for. Annoying one is a man saying he’s on a male child hunt when he can’t even cater for the 5 girls he already has. Sad part is, he has given away 3 of his children to strangers bc he can’t take care of them. Many of these innocent children are abused and raped and someone is calling it FAITH?

These abused children might grow up and become rapists, criminals and gangsters bc they feel the world hates them. I still blame the parents. Why not have kids that you can comfortably take care of?

Yes our forefathers made that mistake but this generation shouldn’t repeat that same terrible mistake. You can’t bring innocent children into this world and allow them to suffer and you say God will take care of them, they are God’s children? God will even be angry with you.

If you have a stable income and can comfortably take care of 10 kids that’s fine if that’s what you want, but for me it’s wrong for a jobless and poor man to have 10 children that he cannot take care of. I love children and wish I can even have 100 children lol, but where you see money.

My point is that you cant DELIBERATELY give birth like a rabbit and expect faith to feed your kids. THAT NONSENSE SHOULD STOP

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