Suggestion On How To Stop Fraud in NDDC

Suggestion On How To Stop Fraud in NDDC
Suggestion On How To Stop Fraud in NDDC

This Is My Suggestion On How To Stop Fraud in NDDC and Other Government Agencies

Sometime last year someone listed 7 road projects, schools and market modernization projects which our brother collected through nddc but didn’t execute any of the projects. From what we heard some road contracts were awarded 2 years ago or something like that.

I personally kept quiet because I didn’t know how to verify if it’s TRUE or not. I like to work with verifiable FACTS. Outrage over fraud, rot in NDDC, Niger DeltaNigeria — The Guardian ...

So this is why I’m suggesting that every government agency, especially NDDC should have a dedicated website where they will list every ongoing project, the project cost, contract sum, contractors name, address, phone number etc.

They should also mention the contract start date and completion period. This website MUST be available and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

For Example:
That 10 kilometre road project from this village to that village costs so so amount and it’s being handled by so so company. The project specification is that the road will have single or double drainage, the width size is this or that and the asphalt thickness is this and that.

Will it have streetlights? Road markings? We wanna know. This kind of information shouldn’t be a secret for the sake of transparency and accountability.

Most importantly, they MUST allow locals to supervise these projects bc whoever that is supervising NDDC project is a crook. I’m not even sure if nddc has any supervisors. The locals don’t need any money to snap project pics and upload on the internet. We will gladly do it for free bc na we go enjoy those projects.

Why this is necessary; if I check nddc website I will be able to track which project is located in my state, village or LGA for easy monitoring and supervision.

Every week we will be uploading the project status updates, videos and photos on social media channels to show the world whether the contractor is doing well or not and it will be easy to know when a project is abandoned.

This will make both NDDC and contractors to sit up. It will make the contractors to be serious and do good quality jobs. If the project specification says this road project should have 2 drainages and streetlights we the locals will not let you carry your tractors and equipments till you complete the job according to specifications.

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If we cant reach NDDC management we will deal with the contractors and their families and I bet you, we won’t have any substandard road projects anywhere in Nigeria again.

According to Rotimi Amaechi, our politicians are stealing and looting because we don’t stone them. We have to leave sentiments aside and call a spade a spade.

Over the last few months, we have been heard how NDDC senior management looted funds meant to develop the Niger Delta region. Since then its been from accusation to counter-accusations. It is either Akpabio stole 81 billion dollars or Akpabio is accusing the house of assembly members collecting huge contracts and not doing the job.

If you read this article from Guardian you will cry for Nigeria: Outrage over fraud, rot in NDDC, Niger Delta

For those that don’t already know, NDDC means Niger Delta Development Commission, a federal government agency established by president Olusegun Obasanjo in the year 2000 with the sole mandate of developing the oil-rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

This is my own suggestion and humble opinion, please add yours coz we need to make sure that this country works. We all must not keep quiet.

Where are the poor Nigerian youths whose future is being mortgaged? Oh shit I forgot, they are busy talking about big breast and bbn while the looting, killings, mass murder, mass poverty, corruption, unemployment, poor infrastructure and poor power continue. Sometimes I want to keep quiet like everyone else because Nigerian youths are not ready for a change.

I posted this on Nairaland hoping for smart ideas from our youths but none cared to read nor comment. But if it were a post about stupid irrelevant things like pussy, big breast or dick it will clock 4,000 comments in 1 hour. Is Nigeria irredeemable?

Anyways I will keep pushing and keep doing my part regardless.

Guys, in your opinion how can we stop or reduce fraud in NDDC? Social Media is very powerful, all those government officials are here and who knows our suggestions and recommendations could make a difference.


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