The Top LIE our elders told us


The top most stupid like our eldest told us was that India defeated Nigeria 99-1 in a FIFA football competition.
This crazy lie has many variants but the most popular one claims that India spiritually has 22 players while Nigeria has only 11 players.
That the football itself turned to lions and pythons that scarred the Nigerian players and goalkeeper. And that after that match India was banned by FIFA.

I want to make it categorically clear that Nigeria and India have never met in a Fifa football competition. And India was never banned by Fifa. The main reason why India doesn’t play FIFA world cup is because they do not qualify. India is NOT good in football but they are very good in other sports like Hockey, cricket etc.

Every country have certain sports that they are good at. For example, USA is extremely good in basketball etc but not so good in football/soccer. The East African countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia etc are very good in gymnastics but they are not so good in football. Cricket is the most popular sport in India. As far as I can remember India has won eight Olympic gold medals in field hockey but they are not that good in football. I don’t know the origin of this stupid lie but I am surprised that even in the year 2017 so many people still believed it? Anyways on Thursday last week being October 12, 2017, Ghana won India 4-0 at the ongoing FIFA under 17 world cup.


If India is as spiritually powerful as black Africans claim, then India will be the richest country in the world. Most black Africans believe that the greatest juju or spiritual cum occult homes in the world are in India. The simple truth is that most Africans haven’t been to India to know the level of poverty there. I have many Indian friends that I met in Asia, Africa, Europe etc, from what I know, Indians are among the poorest people on earth. Yes I know they have some Dollar Billionaires like Mukesh Ambani, Mittal Group etc, but most Indians are poor. Don’t get me wrong, the government of India is doing well for its citizens, unlike African leaders that are only interested in looting. Many sectors in India is developing very fast especially IT, Technology etc but the salary in India is among the lowest in the world. Most Indians travel all over the world looking for greener pastures and better-paying jobs. Most Indians are struggling to find solutions to their spiritual and economic problems just like Africans. So I wonder what made Nigerians, Ghanaians, and many black African nations to assume that there is some powerful occult homes in India where ALL spiritual and financial problems are solved.

As a social blogger I interact with different kinds of people. A great percentage of Nigerians believe in spiritual money, that anyone can become instant millionaires by joining ILLUMINATI or some occult homes in India. Brethren, There is no such spiritual money anywhere in the world. If you ever try this route, you will be scammed. For your information Jujumen and FAKE PASTORS are the top scammers in BLACK AFRICA. I mentioned Black Africa because I have travelled all over Africa and can tell you that most black Africans behave alike. Same thing that is happening in Nigeria is happening in Ghana, East Africa, Southern Africa etc. A typical African herbalist will claim to solve all problems, he can cure all sicknesses, make you a millionaire, give you lucky numbers to win lotteries or football pools, help boys and girls marry the love of their lives, they can even help any woman to marry any rich man of their choice. The African herbalist can promise you anything just to scam you. I know 2 guys that paid good money to some so-called powerful herbalist that promised to prepare powerful charms to enable them to get a Canadian visa. Yeah, these guys believe that with charms you can get visa easily without refusal. I warned these guys, but they didn’t listen to me, they were insinuating that I dont want them to become rich, so I just let them be. If these herbalists or jujumen posses all the powers they claim, how come they are all poor? How come they cant use such powers to help their children, family or even their relatives?

If juju is real the way people are talking about it, then life will be so easy for all of us. There won’t be any need for hard work again, we will just sit in our homes and lazy about, one day we take juju and become instant millionaires. Or our powerful jujumen will invoke lotto numbers for us to win millions of dollars. Or our herbalists will just prepare powerful charms for us to carry drugs in air plane and ships without detection at the airports, yeah life will be so easy. Even there won’t be any Messi or Ronaldo because African herbalists will prepare charms for African footballers to score at least 20 goals in one hour. Infact we will not even need visas again because our powerful herbalists or witches will give us powers to travel to America and Europe SPIRITUALLY with neither visa nor aeroplane.

For years now I have been trying my hardest to educate as many Africans I come across as possible but most of them dont seem to be interested. Most black guys believe there is spiritual money in India, that there are occult homes or spiritual homes in India or some other countries where once you become a member you will become a millionaire. Some Indians are travelling over the world looking for that easy spiritual money, many Indians are scammed daily because of these kinds of fake stories. I travel a lot so I know that people from poverty-stricken countries like Africa have the same kind of belief.

Some 9 years ago I met an Indian guy in The Gambia, his name is Kumar, he came all the way from Asia to Banjul, Gambia to look for spiritual money. Some Edo guys he met in Dubai told him that there is a powerful African spiritualist in Gambia that gives spiritual money and solves all spiritual problems. They did some magic for Kumar which included, as I was told, commanding trees to talk and dance for him, which convinced him that he was at the right place. He was told that this shrine in the Gambia is the most powerful occult home in the world. He was scammed and he went back to India to bring more money all in the name of becoming an instant millionaire. Many ignorant Nigerians are scammed this way on daily basis in Nigeria. If you are desperate, you will be scammed. I know its hard but I will continue to educate as many people as possible. That is the primary aim of me venturing into blogging, I am not blogging to make money, yes money will come at the right time but my primary goal is to use my blog and experience to enlighten and educate as many people around the world as possible.

Ghana and 9ja guys please stop being stupid, stop believing in stupid things. Hard work pays. Christmas is fast approaching and many of our friends, family members etc who are hustling all over the world will visit home this Yuletide. When you see someone that is successful don’t think or assume that there is some spiritual things involved, that is why many guys are dying for nothing. Be reminded that popcorns are normally fried in the same pot, in the same oil, at the same time and under the same heat conditions. But they do not all pop at the same time. A wise man will understand, but fools will continue to wallop in ignorance.

I warn many guys but they don’t listen. I met some Anambra guys in Cambodia a few years ago, we met at an African restaurant. They were boasting that they will be going to Nigeria within 1 month to collect some powerful charms that will enable them to carry drugs without detection. These idiots actually went to Nigeria, visited 4 different powerful Herbalists in Ogoni, Anambra, Yorubaland and Edo State, their closest friend was always updating me. They were fortified, they spent 2 million Naira but do you know that the two idiots were arrested in Cambodia with drugs? Now they are serving 35 years imprisonment. Drug business is the worst business anybody can think of, each time i travel I warn our boys but they do not want to listen.

Did you learn anything from this post? Or you have something to say? Please let us have your views and opinions. We can learn from each other.

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