These Custom & Tradition In Igboland Should Be Abolished

Some Custom & Tradition in Igboland should be abolished
These Custom & Tradition in Igboland should be abolished especially Osu, chest beating, bride price and worshipping of money.

These Custom & Tradition in Igboland should be abolished especially Osu, chest beating, bride price and worshipping of money.

1. Osu caste system should be abolished. I’m aware there’s caste system in many countries around the world and it is even worse in places like India but we the Igbos can’t claim to be Christians, and yet we hate and discriminate against people who did us no wrong.

Taming Osu Caste System in Igbo land | The Guardian Nigeria News ...I was told the Osus were idol worshippers but from what I know all our fore fathers worshipped idols before the whites introduced Christianity to us. Till date, I don’t understand what crime the OSU committed that will warrant us to discriminate against them from generation to generation yet we are Christians and we go to church every Sunday. Hypocrisy at it’s best.

It’s funny how we are shouting Antichrist and Black lives matter but we do worse things against our own brothers and sisters.

I’ve written several articles about this Osu caste system and I’m not going to stop because evil persist when good men keep quiet.

Click here to read the second article I wrote in 2018 regarding those that call innocent people osu.

Also, I wrote this particular article (OSU CASTE SYSTEM IN IGBOLAND) since April 2017.

2. The senseless and stupid chest beating must stop. We claim to be the wisest people in the world yet low IQ fake pastors are playing ludo with your brain and make you see everyone as a witch and enemy. We claim to be this and that yet few corrupt politicians are looting our commonwealth and we still praise and worship the looters, we must be mad. And there is no doubt that we are some of the dumbest people on earth.

We claim we are Developers, na we develop Indonesia, Malaysia, even na we develop London lol, and na we own all expensive properties in Lagos, Ghana, Abuja etc yet no road to our villages. Why can’t we channel same energy to develop our own cities and make it the best in the world? What’s wrong with us as a people?

3. We worship money too much and it needs to stop. We don’t value people with integrity. During Christmas period most of us will only visit rich and successful guys that came back with expensive cars and mansions. Nobody cares about the poor jobless youths or those ones that are still struggling to make it.

We can’t encourage them but tomorrow when they are caught in robbery, kidnapping, fraud, prostitution etc we start criticizing them but how many of us will criticize and do something? I don’t support crime of any type but if we start supporting each other crime will reduce drastically.

Please read this interesting article I titled, Criticize and Do Something.

4. They need to reduce bride price in Igboland. For me 50k Naira should he enough for bride price. There’s one babe that I’ve been eyeing since 3 years now, but in her village bride price is more than 400k, if they can reduce it to 50k I will marry her this December coz I’ve saved 30k, I’m sure I will save the remaining 20k before December. Abeg na joke i dey ooo.

Ndi Igbo: Girl-child and inheritance rites | The Guardian Nigeria ...I want to make it clear that I am a proud Igboman, I love most of my cultures but there are some ancient and barbaric things we need to get rid of. I am saying this because when i posted this on my Facebook some people were like oh you are Igbo and you are disgracing your tribe like this. Well I am just a truth sayer, I do not have to lie for any reason. There are some bad traditions in every tribe or race.

Finally, you can read more about Igbo Culture on Wikipedia 

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