Think Positive bc your thoughts shape your attitude towards life


What you believe is highly likely to happen in the world around you. If you believe things are going to be bad, it’s likely they will be.

Do you know why? It is bc your thoughts shape your attitude towards life and it is that attitude that will either make you or break you.

Ordinary malaria or typhoid you blame enemies and some even run to Facebook to tell us how enemies have failed, you fail exam or Visa interview you blame witches or village pipu. Truth is, all those rich and successful people you wanna be like all go through stuffs, trials, temptations and even setbacks but they never gave up and you wont see them blame witches or village pipu. Rather they kept pushing and kept believing in themselves till they made it.

Last week I told us to read the story of Colonel Sanders the founder of KFC. If he was a Nigerian our pastors would have conducted several deliverance or spiritual cleansing for him bc that man was turned down one-thousand and nine times before his chicken was accepted once! But in Nigeria if you fail jamb or waec twice we start blaming wicked uncles, aunties, enemies etc and this is why we are not making any progress bc once you limit yourself with negative beliefs you are going nowhere.

I have tried several businesses that failed. I made several bad investments decisions, I have faced trials, temptations and tribulations but I never blamed any fucking witches or village pipu lol, I don’t even believe they exist.

That you are above 30 and not married has nothing to do with enemies or any fucking witches. That you have failed exams, Visa or job interview doesnt mean you are a failure. That your business is not doing well presently doesnt mean that things won’t get better in the future.

Some people will write JAMB and WAEC once and gain admission into the university while some people will have to try several times. It doesn’t mean that they are more intelligent than you.

Two of my Facebook friends completed NYSC last year and got fantastic jobs within 5 months but there are many graduates who have been hunting for jobs since 7 years. Someone’s success does not mean that you are not doing well, it’s their time, and your own time will surely come but what you believe in matters alot.

So take the time to train yourself to have good thoughts that will propel you in life.

Change your beliefs, change your life.

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