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For God’s sake, the reason we have millions of jobless graduates in Nigeria is because of bad leadership, it is NEVER because of witches or village people. I am making this post because the number of MORONS we have in Nigeria is alarming. I called a close friend today, he said he cannot talk on the phone for too long because he was going to his church for an assignment. I asked what the assignment was all about; he said their pastor told them to come to church with stones and canes to flog their enemies, lol as I write now he is prolly in his church flogging and stoning the devil, witches and village people. Just like most Nigerians, my guy believes that witches and village people are the main cause of his joblessness? Can you imagine? How can you get a job or walk out of poverty by flogging the ground? Who did this to us?


I strongly believe that if Nigeria is developed like Europe or America no witch or village people will stop you from getting jobs or getting married, I am ashamed to admit that most Nigerians are ignorant with low IQ which is why they are easily deceived into believing that every problem they face is spiritual.

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The real enemies love inside us


Most of the village people you guys accuse wrongly don’t even know that you are existing, and if they have such spiritual powers to bewitch you they will rather use such powers to improve their own life. I have traveled far and wide and know for a certainty that it is only in poverty-stricken African countries with low IQ that most people blame witches and village people for sickness, poverty, joblessness, childlessness etc.
I am yet to see a Nigerian that admitted that he or she has fucked up, most people will look for excuses or blame witches/village people for their own mistake.

                         Let me give just 3 examples:1. During Christmas period many guys buy new cars which to me is not a problem. The problem is that many of them will go to beer parlours, drinking spots and nite clubs, get drunk, crash their cars as a result of overspeeding etc. In most cases they sustaiun serious injuries and the unlucky ones might die, then their families will start blaming haters, witches or village people.

2. Look at the way our youths are destroying their liver and kidneys with tramadol, codine and many dangerous substances. Tomorrow their families are going to blame witches and enemies for kidneny failure.

3. Many girls are destroying their womb with postinor2 and may other dangerous pills, tomorrow they are going to blame witches, enemies or village people for their childlessness. I have seen some instances where some girls claim that their mother inlaw is a witch that is why they could not bear children. I know there are some men and women that naturally have issues bearing children, but I am talking about the vast majority that destroys their womb and blame witches and enemies.


Guys pls hear this, the reason our brothers and sisters are not getting married on time is because of the clueless people we put in government. Every single guy I know wants to settle down but they need a stable job before getting married. No reasonable man wants to marry a woman he knows he cannot take good care of. There are no jobs, that’s why people are not getting married on time, so stop blaming non existent witches and village people for any problem you are facing.

African Superstitious beliefs, Africans and Superstition, Superstition in Africa, God is real
Good is real

We have all the mineral resources on earth yet our leaders cant achieve anything with it, no reliable power supply, no good roads, not even a single worldclass hospital in Nigeria. I don’t believe that witches fly at night, its senseless statement. The witches I know are the people that are looting our resources. The reason we have bad roads and lots of road accidents is never because of any witch or village people, guys wake up and stop channeling your energy on the wrong people.


From year to year we pray Holy Ghost to fire this witch or fire that enemy, those prayers don’t work because you guys are firing the wrong people. So instead of running from church to church firing prayers against enemies and witches, kindly channel that energy to the right channel which is the government. The government is the REAL enemy, the bad leaders are the real witches, stop blaming village people for every problem you face. Those village people you are accusing are facing the same battles just like you, most of them are innocent, most of them dont know you exist, most of them are also looking for ways to improve their life.


Sometimes people attack me online claiming that maybe I come from a good village that’s why I talk like this. The simple truth is that all our villages are the same, there is not any village you won’t find good and bad people. Some people will love you, some people will hate you for no reason, it’s everywhere, even in developed countries. As far as most people love you it doesn’t matter if one or two bitter souls dislike you. As long as we are alive there will be good times and bad times. I fight many battles just like anyone of you, But the last thing I will do is to blame witches or village people bc I know they have no power over my life. I got to where I am today because I don’t believe in stupid things; if you keep believing in witcraft and juju you are just limiting yourself.
Finally, an election is coming up next year, most of you will collect 10,000 Naira bribe to vote in the wrong candidates and later you still expect the same man that “BOUGHT” your votes to provide you with basic amenities? If this is not the height of ignorance then tell me what it is. After selling your vote you start blaming witches and village people for your joblessness. Make una think am na. So in conclusion, we are not poor or jobless because of witches or village people. We are poor and jobless because the government has failed us, this is my own take. But if you want to continue believing in stupid things that’s your own problem.
Finally, I believe that you will find my article about witchcraft very interesting, please read the detailed article here:


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