What is Osu: Osu means an outcaste in Igboland. It is Igbo’s version of Apartheid  which ascribes an inferior “Osu” status to a group of people that limits their social interaction, marriage relationship of love with the “Diala”. It is an ancient practice in Igboland that discourages social interaction and marriage with a group of persons called Osu which like I already explained means outcast in Igbo.

The Osu are treated as inferior human beings. They are subjected to various forms of abuse and discrimination. The Osu are made to live separately from the freeborn. In most cases they reside very close to shrines and marketplaces. The Osu are not allowed to have sexual relations with Nwadiala, the freeborns. They are not allowed to break kola nuts at meetings. No Osu can pour libation or pray to God on behalf of a freeborn at any community gathering. It is believed that such prayers will bring calamity and misfortune which to me is absolute rubbish.

We are the most religious people on earth. Every Sunday almost 80% of Igbo people go to church so I wonder why this ancient, obnoxious and discriminatory Osu caste system is still prevalent in Igboland? How can we say we are Christians and still look down on some people as slaves or inferior? How can we progress with this kind of hatred, abuse, injustice and stigmatization???


1. If you claim to be a Christian but still call someone osu in this modern age and time then you are a hypocrite and you are going straight to hell. 
2. If you have the guts and temerity to call someone osu but you go to CHURCH and pray to God for blessings and protection you are a hypocrite and your prayers can never be answered. Go home and make peace with yourself first. 
3. It baffles me how Igbos are crying and shouting marginalization up and down but the same Igbo people ostracize their brothers calling them osu.
4. If a white man calls your sorry ass a black monkey you cry to high heaven’s but you are happy to call your brothers osu????
5. I am a freeborn but I don’t believe that I am better than anyone. Each time i say these things online some ignorant people will attack me claiming i am osu that’s why i am defending them. Truth is I am well traveled free born and I have experienced racial discrimination so i know how the fuck it feels. It makes you feel less human. It makes you wanna kill yourself. 
6. When i was in primary and secondary school Osu used to be a very big issue in my village, BACK then I was ignorant and used to insult those innocent people but it’s over 7 years now realized my mistake and asked God for forgiveness. Every right thinking freeborn must join me to speak openly against this injustice. 
7. If i was not married I would happily marry an osu girl at worst friends will not want to associate with me and that’s very fine with me. You stop feeding me init? 
8. I did a research and discovered that the only crime these people committed was idol worshiping which all our forefathers practiced before the white missionaries brought Christianity to Nigeria. So if idol worshiping is what made these people osu then all of us are osu unless you have proof that your great grandfathers didn’t worship an idol? We are all sinners but Jesus died on the cross of Calvary for our sins, so this Osu bs should stop already.
9. I believe that God created all of us for different purposes, I don’t know what is your own purpose on earth if you are in support of injustice and racial discrimination. Apart from helping orphans, widows and the less privileged, part of my mission on earth is to fight injustice and racial discrimination.
10. My name is Ikechukwu but you can just call me Iyk for short. I’m a self-driven entrepreneur and part-time blogger. I established my blog to educate and enlighten people especially Nigerians. I stand for freedom and justice and I’ve written several articles on this osu caste system which is available at my blog:

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  1. Why are they being cast out, why are there seen as inferior, what lead to that discrimination? That’s what I want to understand, the origin of the whole thing that brought about the Osu name of a thing

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