1. HIGH STANDARDS: Every babe wants a RICH, tall, handsome, educated, loyal, honest, loving, caring and God fearing husband with six packs. And that’s not all, giving head is now a MUST otherwise you are not a real man lolz. Infact wetin dey some babes shopping list nor dey shoprite sef. Maybe God need to mould husbands according to una Specification. HANTY I’m not saying you should lower your standards, but sis whatcha bringing to the table????

2. BAD ECONOMY: We all want the best for our families. Most guys are unemployed that is why they are not getting married early. How can a young man with 50k salary raise a family? Who doesn’t want to go on family vacation in Dubai, NYC, London etc?

Most guys are jobless sef that is why it’s like husband is scarce yet most of you blame enemies and village people????

3. BAD CHARACTER: Just like some men, “some women” don’t have sense. Their bad mouth and bad attitude is what is still keeping them in their papa house and these are the type of babes that always flood our timeliness with horrible words like “MEN ARE SCUM”. Men are not scum, it’s just that you need a reality check.

Even if you are highly educated you still need a good character both at home, in the office, church etc. Education can take you to the top but only GOOD CHARACTER can retain you there.

These types of girls are the ones that patronise herbalists and fake pastors alot. Instead of working on themselves, they use different things to wash their pussy bc in their deluded mind life is all about sweet pussy and pretty face.

Having a pretty face, big nyash and boobs is cool but do you have sense?

Even in church they are always frowning faces, how can a nigga even talk to you. Most of these babes won’t even accept your Facebook friend request unless they see you dress well and flaunt some flashy cars. If they see you on the road or in an event, they won’t answer you unless you have a fine car. Last year I did an experiment with some friends so I know.

Christmas is almost here when fuck boys will use fake gold chains, borrowed cars, and fake accent to deceive these type of girls.

There are some other factors that are contributing to husband scarcity but these are the top three reasons.

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