Top 7 Hotels in Owerri

Imo State is commonly referred to as the “Heartland” and is also the entertainment capital of Eastern Nigeria. Owerri is the State Capital and a top tourist destination in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. Many fun seekers troop into Owerri every weekend to enjoy life.

There are so many top quality hotels in Owerri but in my Own Humble Opinion, these are the top 7 hotels in Owerri. I
These are the criteria I used in compiling this list.
1. Customer Service: Ofcourse this has to be number one
2. Facilities and overall quality of the hotel
3. Cost
4. Security
5. Reputation

So here we go.
ADDRESS: Port Harcourt Rd, New Owerri, Imo State. Website:  Phone: +234 803 203 6011  Email:
Total Number of Rooms: 200
immaculate hotel owerri
In my own humble opinion, Immaculate Hotel is the best hotel in Owerri hands down eventhough they are not the biggest, neitehr are they the largest or most beautiful hotel in Owerri but when you compare their room rates, services, facilities etc with other hotels in Owerri they come top. THis is my opinion, another person may have a contrary opinion which is why we are all unique in our own ways.
Immaculate Hotel top my list because of so many good reasons. Good quality hotel both inside and outside, quality finishing, very clean, best customer service, well equiped gym, clean swimming pool, bars etc. Some things you enjoy at Immaculate Hotel as standard features cost extra money in other hotels. Even the cheapest rooms at Immaculate hotel has safety deposit box, bathrobe, hair dryer in all rooms. Immaculate hotel has very big beds that can accommodate 4 persons, 3 big towels in all rooms, most hotels have just one or two towels. They have the most spacious rooms in Owerri.
Immaculate hotel bar
The only thing Immaculate Hotel needs to work on is their FOOD/COOK.
immaculate hotel restaurant
Whoever that is fixing food for them is terrible. Maybe it is just me but the only meal I enjoy at Immaculate hotel is their FISHERMAN’S SOUP with OATMEAL .Its worth giving a try. I am not dissing or hating, I am just saying it as it is. Everyone that lodges here knows that I am saying the truth. Apart from the food there is no other complaint.
Immaculate Senatorial-Suite
Immaculate ambasador
Immaculate Hotel Pool Side
Immaculate hotel lift is connected to either an inverter or some power source i don’t know about. When there is power failure the lift is not affected, this is the only hotel in Owerri that has this. I have been trapped in many hotel lifts in Owerri whenever they are changing power from government PHCN to their private generators, you will be stuck in the lift for  minutes. Whoever owns Immaculte hotel has a good taste.
2. PROTEA HOTELS BY MARRIOT:  Part of Marriott International,
ADDRESS:  Plot H/1 Nekede Pocket Layout, Protea Road, New Owerri. Telephone: +234 813983331019.
Number of rooms: 90 Rooms
Pool side of Protea hotel owerri
I was told that Leo Stan Eke brought this hotel to Owerri. They opened for business in late 2017. This is the only international Hotel in Owerri at the moment.
The only reason Protea hotel is not in number one in my list is because it is still brand new and not tested yet. I have learnt not to judge a book by its cover, lets test them for 1 year and then decide. I wanted to lodge here with my family last Xmas but was told they were fully booked till January 4th, 2018. I and my family had our dinner here several times in December 2017 till January 2018, and I can tell you, they have the best selection of food in Owerri, they have the best buffet hands down but it is not cheap.
Owerri Protea Hotel restaurant
This is presently the most expensive hotel in Owerri. I was allowed to tour the hotel and these are my observations: Clean swimming pool, well-equipped gym but its small too. They have massive land at the backyard so I expect this is only phase one of this hotel, they are likely going to expand in the future. I haven’t seen the rooms yet, but the hotel is clean, brand new and world class. If you nor get money, abeg hide your face from this hotel.
ADDRESS: Plot Cp/2-Cp/5, Opposite Imo State Government House Owerri. Telephone: 08159791261-64, 08159791251. WEBSITE:
Number of Rooms: 107
rockview hotel
rockview pool
There’s no doubt that Rockview is a very good hotel with good facilities but this hotel is unreasonably expensive. Their room rate is outrageous, but they do have good food, their cook is one of the best in Owerri.  I have only lodged here once and I didn’t return because it is expensive.
rockview restaurant
To me its not for the average man, most politicians lodge here.

ADDRESS: Plot 2-10 Lady Annas Nwosu lane off Assembly Road, Area E New owerri L/out Owerri. Phone: 08162195186 | Website: 
oxygen hotel owerri
oxygen front desk
oxygen hotel toilet
Oxygen is a standard hotel. Good food, good customer service, good reputation but unreasonably too expensive. Oxygen has the best PRESIDENTIAL SUITE IN OWERRI. Their presidential suite has 3 bedrooms, very large living room, jacuzzi in rooms, so many world-class facilities but its too expensive @250,000 per night, though this includes free food for 8 people,  housekeepers, free wines etc.

ADDRESS: Plot SH/14 Evan Enwerem Avenue Behind CBN, Opposite Ebere Links Filling Station Portharcourt Road, Imo State. Phone: 08174629016, 08032039964, 08097966506
Website: EMAIL:
transtell Hotel Owerri Front view
Transtel hotel has so many things going for them. To me their gym is the biggest in Owerri, their gym instructor is among the best as well. They have good cook, very nice and clean swimming pool,  tennis court. They also have so many indoor and outdoor bars for your relaxation. Transtel staff are very friendly,  their rooms rates are very reasonable and affordable. Their apartments is the best in Owerri. transtell apartment
The hotel is quite large, but the owners are not done yet, presently they are building the largest EVENTS CENTRE in Owerri which Im sure will open for business in less than one month time. If you are  traveling to Owerri as a family and you want to cook your own food, please lodge at TRANSTEL Hotel Apartments, their rooms are spacious and the kitchen is well equipped. There are some apartments that has just one bedroom with one sitting room, there are also 2 bedroom apartments with sitting room, kitcken etc. How can I forget that Transtel Hotel have one of the best barbeque fish in Owerri.

ADDRESS: 5028 Commercial/Action Rd, New Owerri, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria
Website:    Telephone (+234) 0906-722-9011, 0906-707-9986
Number of Rooms: 80

Villa garden hotel front desk
front desk of Villa Garden Hotel1villa garden hotel owerri
From the outside the hotel building is world class, it is a beauty to behold from the outside, their front office is quite intimidating and among the best in Owerri. Their staff uniform is very nice, very friendly customer service but the hotel is expensive.

villa restaurantVilla Garden Hotel owerri5
Villa Garden Suit of 45,000 Naira suite has only one toilet while Immaculate hotel and transtel hotel suite of 25,000 has better finishing, and most importantly they have a toilet in the bedroom as well as the sitting room. Villa Garden has very clean swimming and gym though the gym is still under construction, I think it will be ready within few weeks. Villa Garden has very large conference hals for all occassions, their security network is also good.

ADDRESS: Concorde Boulevard, Owerri, Imo State Nigeria.

Number of Rooms: Not sure, but it should be the largest hotel in Owerri.

imo-concorde hotel owerri

imo concorde pool2
imo concorde swimming poolimo-concorde-bar

This is the oldest hotels in Owerri. It belongs to Imo State government, I think it was built by Late Sam Mbakwe. Back in the days it used to be the best hotel in the entire South East, until our politicians killed it. Like most government properties in Nigeria, the politicians and bad management killed Imo Concorde Hotel. Few years ago, all the Imo State House of Assembly members had rooms at Concorde, they lived there for years without paying a penny till the place became so rotten that it was only animals and rodents that are fit to live there, then it was shut down for long time before Governor Rochas Okorocha renovated it. This is one of the achievements of Governor Rochas, he did well here because right now Concorde has come back to life and employed many people. Concorde hotel has the largest swimming pool in Imo as well as the largest car park. Concorde has a night club called Octagon Night club as well as a casino. Their food is nice and good buffet too. Their presidential suite used to be the best, thats where the presidents and governors lodge when they visit Owerri back then but things have changed, these days them big boys with fat bank account prefer Oxygen presidential suite.

Titanic View Hotel & Suite is supposed to be on this list but I won’t include it because the facilities there breaks down easily. When i lodged there everyone was complaining about the lift not working, there was something wrong with the plumbing work in my room. When building a hotel its advisable to use quality finishing, im sory but things break down here easily I dont know why.
NOTABLE MENTIONS: FULLMOON, ALL SEASONS HOTELS, Citi Global, Manwood, GreatWood Hotel, Titanic View Hotel & Suite

NOTICE: Apart from Lagos and Abuja, there are few cities in Nigeria that parades the number of hotels like Owerri but this list will only concentrate on the top 7 hotels in Owerri.
As at December 2017, about 20 brand new hotels were opened to the public,I didnt include any of the new hotels except Protea.

As at the time i am posting this, there are over 50 hotel projects of different sizes that are nearing completion in Owerri.

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