Typhoid Fever Vaccine



Most people in Nigeria complain about having typhoid fever almost every month but do you guys know that there is a vaccine for typhoid fever?

Protection lasts at least 10 years, if not for life after the booster. I took my typhoid fever vaccine about 4 years ago and I haven’t had any case of typhoid fever till date.

Most international tourists coming to Africa are mandated to take typhoid fever vaccine otherwise their visa application will not be approved. It’s a mandatory requirement to obtain Nigeria visa.

So instead of spending thousands of naira to treat typhoid every month why not get vaccinated for just 5k naira and be free from typhoid fever for life. Rush to any good hospital now and get vaccinated or you try some top pharmacies.

I decided to share this vital information with you guys bc I just realised that most people in Nigeria don’t know about this typhoid fever vaccine. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

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