There is the viral video of Redeem Members worshipping Pastor Adeboye and his seat. There are several other cases online.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t comment on religious issues in Nigeria because no matter what you say the ignorant and gullible ones will always find an excuse for their sheer ignorance and stupidity. Too many dumb and foolish people hiding under religion. Yes I am a Christian, I believe in God and I am a living proof that GOD IS REAL. I am only making this post because Pentecostal churches are fond of attacking Catholics calling them image / idol worshippers. Hypocrisy is when you call Catholics idol worshippers for honouring Mary the Mother of Jesus but  bow down and worship your pastor or his chair and call it faith. Yeye de smell.
As long as Africans continue to accept every word their pastor says instead of studying the Bible for themselves, they will always be swayed by whatever their Pastor says whether it is biblically correct or not.
Before you attack me with your touch not my anointed bulshit, please show me proof that these your mommy and daddy pastopreneurs are called or ordained by God? Because theres nothing Christlike in them. Jesus did all HIS work for free, he had no shoes neither does He have any house in His name. But today our so called pastors live flamboyant lifestyles like Hip Hop Stars, they wear multi million naira designer clothings,  live in multi million dollar mansions, move around with soldiers and police escorts but in church they will sell you handkerchief, anointing oil and spiritual materials for you to defeat your enemies and witches. Fear catch me the day I saw the entourage of my pastor. Over 30 soldiers and mobile policemen armed to the teeth, with bullet proof cars. Even a governors entourage is not that intimidating.
Truth is, if you remove money Nigeria will not have up to 10 pastors. Everyone is becoming a pastor in Nigeria/black Africa because of poverty and ignorance.  Most people in Nigeria / Africa believe it is witches, enemies or evil people that is the cause of their poverty, joblessness, disease, barrenness, misfortune etc. So as a result everyone is rushing to churches and fetish houses looking for solution to their problems.
Please fight the government and leave witches alone, leave village people alone, if you loose a job in Nigeria it is bc the economy is bad and you are not the only one affected. I know some guys that lost bank job and accused someone in their family as being responsible. No old woman in the village can monitor you spiritually using a mirror, I hear these types of senseless stories everyday. If jujumen are as powerful as you lots claim why can they solve their family problems with juju. The reason you graduate from school and have no job is bc of bad leaders, so blame the politicians that is looting our commonwealth and leave witches alone. Those old women you lots call witches are not any witch, they are probably suffering from mental or psychological problems.  There is nothing like witchcraft, you cannot spiritually travel from Nigeria to America without visa and airport, it is stupid believes like this that is keeping Africa backward. We will continue to be a laughing stock in the committee of nations unless we grow up and change our ways.
I’m I communicating?
Peace to you all.

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