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free visa information for Nigerians


VISA Information | how to get visa to UK, USA, Canada, Germany &  Australia

Hey I’m not quitting Facebook just yet, and I’m not going to be here every day as well. I didn’t know that so many people loved reading my posts. Even though I’m no longer going to spend lots of time here like I used to, but from time to time I will continue to write informative articles that will impact your life positively.

Today I want to guide you on how to get Visa to the UK, USA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, GERMANY or any western country of your choice.

Their visa processes and requirements are almost the same with few differences here and there. For example, UK visitors visa is valid for 6 months while for most western countries visitors visa is valid for 3 months.

In some of these countries, tax clearance, travel insurance etc are mandatory while it is not that necessary to process visa to some other countries.

Why I’m Doing This?
I’m doing this because so many people have contacted me to guide them how to get visa to either Europe or America.

Another reason I’m doing this is because I like to IMPACT knowledge.

I have thought people foreign trade and mini import on different posts.
1. This is how to import goods from Turkey:

2. This is how to import goods from Vietnam:

I have decided to do this publicly so it will be freely available to everyone that needs this visa information so my dm go rest small lol.

In this article, I will show you how to get visa to UK, USA and CANADA by yourself.
This is a step by step guide on how to get European, American and Australia visa by yourself without paying millions of naira to so called visa agents that collect people’s money and either disappear or they start telling you stories. I know many people that said they paid 2 million Naira for Canada or USA visas without getting the visas and they didnt get their money back as well. This is something that you can do by yourself, so why pay someone to do it for you? Unless maybe you have lots of money to throw away.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: I’m not advising anyone to run away from Nigeria but I also will not stop anyone who wants to try their luck outside Nigeria.

I used to discourage young people from traveling because I thought Nigeria will get better but I recently realized that Nigeria of our dreams may never happen because of these crop of clueless, heartless and visionless politicians coupled with greed, corruption and tribalism.

My printing company has not seen light since 5 months now, how can you run a business with generators? This is one of the reasons crime and corruption is increasing yearly. You cannot put a people under this condition and expect them to remain holy, they will find a way to survive. 

To tell you how serious this is, all your politicians are sending their families to developed countries, maybe because they know that Nigeria may never work. Check the stats, almost all of them have secured European and American passports for their children, so don’t let anyone fool you. We shouldn’t lose hope completely in Nigeria and also, traveling is part of education. Most of you that blame witches and village people for your problems, your brain will automatically reset the moment you leave Africa.

Let me tell you one story, there is this banker family friend of mine in Port Harcourt, she is well educated but had 2 miscarriages while working in Nigeria. She told me that witches were spiritually eating her babies lol. I told her its rubish, that it could be RHESUS FACTOR, but she didn’t believe me, she believed her pastors. Her pastors made her believe that her mother-inlaw is a watch and was spiritually eating her babies. Well fast fasward to few years ago, she relocated to London and she now has 2 babies. The UK doctors now explained to her why she lost those babies due to the rhesus factor. She now knows the truth, and have asked me to forgive her, ofcourse i did.

But her mother inlaw has refused to forgive her. She said, for me to forgive you, you have to return to Nigeria, come to the village, gather all the village women and let them know the truth, otherwise, I will never forgive you because everyone in the village now thinks that I am a witch. See how religion and superstition are making us destroy innocent people.

I’ve been called all sorts of names because I am not superstitious. One guy said that I am not a real Igboman simply because I refused to believe that a snake swallowing snake is a taboo. All over the world, some certain snake species swallow other snakes but if it happens in Nigeria, especially Igboland it is a taboo, a bad omen etc. Thunder and lightning kill people worldwide but if it happens in Nigeria, especially in Igboland, it is either the person’s hand is not clean or maybe his parents are evil people.

But if you must travel, make sure that your intentions are genuine. Don’t go and cause problems for other people.

For example, if your purpose of travelling to the UK is to settle down there please apply for the appropriate Visa for that purpose. You can’t come to the UK on a visitors visa and refuse to go back to Nigeria. This is why it’s difficult for Nigerians to get UK Visa these days, because of the sins of others.

There Are Different Types of Visa:
There are many Visa categories such as student visa, tourist visa, visit visa, family Visa, spouse Visa, business visa etc. From this list you should know what type of Visa that is right for you.

Student visa is for those travelling to further their studies abroad. It can be for a fresher, master’s, PhD or whatever.

Visit Visa / tourist visa is for tourists and visitors.

Family Visa is for those visiting their family members.

A spouse visa is for those who want to join or reunite with their spouse.

While those traveling for business should use business visa.
There is a medical visa too, for those travelling to receive medical treatment etc.

Before applying for the visa you first need to know what type of Visa that is right for you. I don’t know you or your circumstances or situation so I wouldn’t know.


1. Passport: You must have a passport or travel document that is valid for at least 6 months. I’m sure we all know how to get a passport right? Well if you don’t, then go to any Nigerian immigration service in your state.

Your Nigerian Passport or Travel document must also have at least 2 visa pages clear for visa stamping.

Previous Passport: Provide a previous passport if any. If you’ve lost or misplaced your previous passport you will need to provide the passport numbers if possible.

2. Passport Photo: Your passport photo must not be older than 6 months. Make sure say na fine photo sha, e get why.

3. Proof Of Marriage: If you are married, you will need proof of your marriage such as a marriage certificate.

4. Travel History: If you have travelled outside Nigeria before you will need proof of your travel history, you can scan / print those travel stamps or visas on your passport. No problem if you haven’t traveled outside Nigeria before.

5. Residency Proof: Legal residence in the country you are applying from, e.g, visa or residence permit. For example, if you are a Nigerian citizen living in Ghana you need a Ghana residency permit to apply for a UK visa from Ghana or you return to Nigeria to apply.

6. Proof of Funds: You must have a good source of income, it’s either you are working for yourself (self employed) or you are working for someone.

So you will need to proof that you have enough money for your stay and to leave, such as
• personal bank statements
• Pay slips from employer
• Proof of accomodation
• Audited accounts,
• Tax records

7. Your Current Circumstances/ Situation:

A. If You Are Employed: • A letter from your employer on company letterhead, with contact details, stating that a leave of absence has been granted, purpose and duration of the trip, and that you will be returning to your current job.

• Current bank statement of the latest 6 months • Income Tax Return (ITR)
• Original pay slips

B. If You Are Self Employed:
• Include a copy of your business license, such as your CAC certificate.
• Your personal or Company bank statement (latest 6 months)
• Income Tax Return (ITR)

If You Are A Student:
• Submit an official letter from your school indicating that you are in good standing and that you are registered for the upcoming semester.
• No Object certificate from School or University.

If You Are Retired: • Submit proof of your Pension fund or retirement fund.

8. Travel itinerary: Travel itinerary (travel reservation to and from the country/area in your name, not a ticket)

Embassy recommends not to purchase hotel and flight tickets until visa is approved. So don’t risk your money, time and effort by buying actual tickets. You can book and hold a hotel room and flight ticket without actually paying for it. You can pay when you get the visa.

For Student Visa: If you are traveling to further your studies overseas then you should have your transcript, admission letters etc.

For Medical Purposes: If your purpose of travel is to recieve medical treatment then you will need to get a letter from the overseas hospital saying you are coming to their facility to receive this or that treatment. The hospital currently treating you in Nigeria will also write a similar letter.
That’s exactly what I did when I wanted to fly my mom overseas for proper medical attention. I first searched for the best spinal cord surgeons in the world, that search lead me to Dr. Yash Gulati, one of the worlds best spinal cord surgeon.

I documented the whole process on my blog to guide anyone who wishes to know how to process visa for medical treatment overseas. You can read the post here


Complete your application form: Once you get all your documents ready, the next thing will be to submit your application at the embassy and then book online appointment for biometrics and interview. Everything is done online, from visa application, submission and appointment bookings and even cancellation.

The visa application process involves fill in the application form, print out your form and book an appointment from the consulate depending on the availability.

On the day of the appointment, you have to carry all the original documents for submission and for the biometrics.

Post the appointment, it usually takes 14 working days for the consulate to process the visa. The visa copy will be attached to your passport.
DONT EVER submit fake documents for any reason, the embassies will ban you for 10 years. This is why it is advisable to avoid visa agents. If you do it by yourself at least you are sure that you are submitting genuine documents that belong to you.

Prepare For Your Visa Interview.

What to wear: Dress well, look smart and composed. You don’t have to look rich or poor, your looks have nothing to do with your success at the embassy but for me, it is okay to look good. You don’t have to wear expensive clothing or blings, you can wear a suit if you have one, t-shirt, polo, native attire, caftan, senators etc is fine too.

I wore a fine suit on my first visa interview about 17 years ago or so and i didn’t get the visa because I knew nothing then and there was no one to assist me, unlike now you have tons of free info like this one. In my second visa interview, i wore just trouser and a t-shirt and I got it because i was more than prepared.

How To Pass Visa Interview In Nigeria

Proper Application Filing
Don’t fill something else in your form and say a different thing during your visa interview. For example in your Visa application form you said you are married but during the interview you said you are single. So always maintain the “rule of consistency.”

Be Prepared:
The interview can swing either way – success or failure. The visa officer may want to dribble you, drawing questions from answers you supply. In the end, you either win or you’re caught. The best way is to have a template and prepare for such uncertain moments in the interview.

Be Confident
Be confident but don’t forget that “too much of everything is bad!” Overconfidence could mean you are too zealous. And when you create such an impression that you are overzealous, you cast huge doubts in the mind of the visa officer.

So, don’t make it look like you want the visa so badly. When asked questions, you don’t tell tales to impress. Go straight to the point. Confidence in a visa interview should only mean the ability to answer questions with clarity and precision. Anything extra will unveil an “effort to impress.” And please don’t say things you were not asked.

If you have a visa interview coming up soon, I can engage you in mini-interview drilling to keep you mentality ready and armed with ideas that can scale you through. But I can only do this when I’m free.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask, share or comment.


For Visitors / Tourist Visas:
They may ask you where you are going to, which city? How long are you staying, make sure you say the same duration you wrote in the visa application form.
Do you have friends or relatives here? If you answer yes, they may want to know their contact details. This is why documentation is good, because if you say yes when filling the visa application form and say a different thing when they ask you questions you will be denied visa.

They may also ask you questions about your job / employment, espeucally your monthly income, your annual income etc. If you are self employed they may ask you what is your profit from your annual income. Lets say you sell shoes or bags and your annual income is 2 million naira, from this amount what is your gain or profit?

They may ask you if you have travelled before, where and where have you travelled to and for what purpose.

For Students Visas: They will likely ask you why you have chosen to study in their school instead of the schools in nigeria. They may ask you uestions relating to your course of study or finances / sponsor.

For Spouse Visas: They may ask you your spouse date of birth, job, monthly or annual income. In my case they even asked me my wife’s car maker and year of manufacture and even the plate number. Plus questions relating to her brothers and sisters’ family etc. So be prepared.

For Highly Skilled Workers: They will certainly ask you questions about your job, so be prepared to display your skills, talent etc.
There are many questions they usually ask, I cannot remember everything right now, I will add more later.

Failing Visa InterviewVisa refusal or denial can be painful, I’ve been there before and know how it feels especially in my case when i wanted to be with my wife to witness the arrival of Betty.
But trust me it is not the end of the world. No matter how prepared you are, the embassy can refuse/deny you a visa to control the number of Africans / Nigerians that are entering their country. If they don’t do this more than 70% of Nigerians will relocate in one year.

The embassies can sometimes deny our senators, millionaires and even celebrities, for one reason or the other.  So if you are refused, you should not think too much or kill yourself. If you don’t get it today, you can get it tomorrow.


Some countries have more than one consulate, or embassy in Nigeria. For example, UK, USA and some western countries have embassies in both Lagos and Abuja.

VFS Global is the exclusive service provider and outsourcing visa processing agent for the Governments of Canada, Italy, UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands and many other countries. This is their website:

For USA visas apply here:

Which Embassy or consulate Is better? I wouldn’t know but most people complain of overcrowding at the US embassy in Lagos so if you are coming from the North, South East or South South maybe you can choose Abuja but this is up to you. And if you are based in Lagos, Oyo or Ogun States traveling to Abuja for something you can do in Lagos doesnt make sense because you are going to spend money on transportation to Abuja, hotel accommodation and other logistics.

I also have heard some people say it is easier to get visa in Abuja but I don’t think its true, there is no data or proof to support this claim.

Getting visa in Nigeria/ Africa is more or less these 3 important KEY POINTS.

1. Good and proper documentation. This is the first step and its very important like i said above. Be consistent.

2. Your Personal Circumstances. Those who have good paying jobs or fat bank accounts, properties/ investments etc stands a better chance of getting visas. This doesn’t mean that poor people don’t get visas, of course they do.

3. Luck: Some people are very lucky, its not that they pray or fast more than you, but they are just lucky that they succeed even when others fail.. Take JAMB and WAEC for instance, there are many intelligent people that have been writing JAMB for years without success but there are some people that will pass JAMB, WAEC at one sitting. Not that they are smarter or more intelligent than you but maybe bc they are just lucky.
What about these girls that are marrying all the rich men, does it mean they fine pass you or they fast and pray more than you? Luck and Destiny differs. Even in the bible, God said He will bless whom He chooses to bless.

3 Things They Won’t Tell You About Getting Visas

1. TIES: If you are married with children and you have a high paying job, your chances of getting the Visa will be higher bc of your TIES to your home country and also because your economic circumstances in your home country is good.

Many people don’t know this but the embassies want you to prove to them that theres something, like a tie that will make you go back to your country at the end of your visit. This is applicable to visit visa and tourist Visa applicant’s, it doesn’t apply to investors, skilled workers and student visa applicants.

2. TRAVEL HISTORY: If you have not traveled outside Nigeria before, your chances of getting European/ American Visa will be very slim. Not that first time travelers don’t get Visas but someone who traveled to DUBAI and South Africa for business or tourism will stand a better chance of getting EU/USA Visa than someone who hasn’t traveled outside Nigeria before.

Their thinking is that if you travelled to one or more countries and returned back to your country, it means that you will also go back to 9ja if we give you visa.

Your travel history is like your CV. If you have 10 years work experience from different top firms you will easily get jobs than a fresh graduate with zero job experience. But does it mean that fresh graduates don’t get job in Nigeria? I am sure you got the point?

In my companies I don’t employ people base on work experience, I employ based on my assessment of what they can do. Jim is one of the best graphic designers in Owerri, I didn’t employ him because he has lots of degrees or work experience, but because he displayed his skills and talent before my very own eyes. Please contact IykBethany Printing Houze ( ) for all your printing needs.

3. AGE: Older people stand a better chance of getting visas than young people. For example, a 60 year old man will get UK visa easier than a 30 year old man. The thinking is that young people can easily get involved in crimes, prostitution, drugs etc but you rarely see old people doing those things. Old people dont like to spend alot of time in western countries, it is our young boys and girls that run away and refuse to go back to Africa.

PS: I am not a visa agent and I do not charge money for this. If I have my way I will give every Nigerian visa to travel out so they can learn and unlearn certain things.

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