What Causes Acha Ere, Leg Cancer or Leg Ulcer?


The number of leg ulcer / leg cancer cases I’ve witnessed in Igboland within the last 2 years is alarming. In Igboland we call this Acha ere. This is a deadly incurable illness believed to be caused by witch doctors.

Its quite unfortunate that most people in Nigeria blame witches, enemies or village people for deaths, job looses, poverty, sicknesses etc. Even when someone dies at the age of 120 years they still blame enemies, why is everything in Nigeria about witchcraft and enemies? When are we going to think outside the box.

To me I believe it could be that what we are eating that is killing us, coupled with LACK OF EXERCISE, high poverty rate, lack of good medical facilities. It could be red meat, milk or all these sub standard /expired goods that is flooding our markets from China.
The government has failed us. Otherwise by now the government should have carried out a research so as to ascertain what causes Acha ere, and why it is incurable or at least give us some preventive measures.  Since the government dont seem to be concerned I want to carry out a research about this and possibly find a solution or prevention. Our people cannot be dying like chicken and we all fold our hands doing nothing. We cant continue to sit in our homes and be blaming witches and enemies without proof. I am concerned because we are losing a vital percentage of our population to chronic but manageable illnesses.
As I write now I know 7 cases that is why I am worried. I have given many of them financial assistance still no solution in sight. Most of them have spent over 300k each going from one herbalist to the other without solution in sight. Is there anyone out there who is worried like me? I want to carry out a research on this Acha Ere illness but i cant do it alone, I need more hands because two heads are better than one. Please let us join hands and save our people from untimely and preventable death.
1. If you’ve had leg ulcer/acha ere in the past or know someone who had it please let us know how it was cured or treated so we all can learn from each other.
2. This illness or disease seems to be prevalent in Igboland, why is it so? Has anyone witnessed any case outside igboland?
3. Dont you guys think that this leg ulcer or acha ere thing has something to do with diabetes?
4. Is it true that enemies and witch doctors are responsible for this illness? Do we have valid/verifiable proof or just mere hearsay? If this gossip is true, it then means that it is also possible to spiritual send HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes etc to our enemies? This is what everyone is saying but I dont believe in hearsay, gossips and superstition.

God bless you all as you heed this call. You can reach me through twitter, instagram, facebook, linkedin, snapchat etc, my handle is iykbethany or you can just shoot me an email: info@iykbethanygistville.com

I dont want to upload leg cancer pics here because they are too graphic and horrible to look at.
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