What is the usefulness of Big Brother Nigeria?


Hey guys I honestly want to know the usefulness of Big Brother Nigeria to Nigerians? For me Big Brother Nigeria is promoting immorality and there’s no positive thing to learn from it. How did we even get to this level because last time I checked our culture/society frowns at public display of affection. Its funny how Nigerians suddenly started talking about sexual consent in the first place.

Ordinarily its not my business and am not supposed to complain. However, I am complaining because people keep flooding my WhatsApp and Facebook pages inviting me to vote for Efe or Tboss. Nobody has told me why I should vote for any of these candidates.

I have only seen that show of shame once while I was in a barbershop. Most people seems to like Efe bc according to them Efe is real and just a poor Street boy. To all these people sending me requests to vote Efe, pls if you so much love EFE kindly organize a donation/contribution for him and make sure all the proceeds are directly handed over to him because he is not likely to win. I would like him to win being a poor boy since Tboss claims to be a rich bae she doesn’t need money does she? From what I know BB9ja already have a winner in mind so I am not gonna waste my money making DSTV/Multi Choice rich in the name of voting Efe. If I have money and if I have his bank account I would rather send the money directly to Efe’s bank account and not to DSTV or MTN. MTN and DSTV can kiss my ass because they didn’t do nothing to stop their fellow South Africans from killing Nigerians/African immigrants in SA. I broke my MTN sim last month and am presently looking for alternative to my DSTV cable. Sorry but I am not gonna give my money to a country where my brothers are not welcomed. Its more painful because Nigeria made alot of sacrifice to give black South Africans the freedom they are enjoying today. Yeah we know some Nigerians are doing drugs in SA but you have to blame your government/police for not doing their work, why take laws into your hands? Anyway story for another day.

Last week 11 million viewers across Nigeria voted for their choice candidates meaning DSTV made over 330 million Naira from you lots in one single week bc each of your sms costs 30 Naira? Yeah smart business idea from DSTV but my anger is that there is nothing good to learn from this trash apart from grown up adults displaying boobs.

The eventual winner will go home with 25 million Naira and a car but dstv will make nearly 2 billion Naira from that show of shame. All this money will be repatriated back to South Africa since DSTV is a South African company.

When are we going to have talent shows or quiz competitions in Nigeria where winners are given millions of Naira like they do in BB9JA? Last time I checked, cowbell quiz winners are given cartons of cowbell milk and few hundred thousand Naira which is a shame. When are we going to start rewarding hard work in Nigeria? When will our government start organizing National Mathematics Competition or something like National Science and Technology Competition where winners will be given funds to develop their talents? The more we celebrate mediocrity, the more we remain a shit hole. God bless Nigeria

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