Why do we value the dead more?


Why do we value the dead more than the living? So many of us are struggling but we can never support them, encourage them or give them money to start a business. Even when they are sick we all claim to be broke but once they die we contribute millions to give them a befitting burial. In Igboland we even make it look like if we don’t borrow or sell lands or properties to give our parents befitting burial it will be like we have committed a crime.

We celebrate the dead and pour encomium at the graveside but never will say such sweet things about the person when they were alive.

We attach so much myth and emotional sentiment to loosing loved ones that it now seems like the burial party is their ticket to heaven.

It’s okay to give last respect to the dead if you have the means and as long as you took care of them while they were still alive. I’m against those that borrow millions to impress people.

So Take care of your parents and loved ones now that they are still alive. Once they are gone the grand burial you are going to organise does not concern them in any way.

Some stupid guys are living Large in the city while their aged parents are suffering in the village. He won’t take his parents to good hospitals, he will let his father die and the same man will come up with millions to give his dad a ‘befitting’ burial. ARRANT NONSENSE.

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