Why I Prefer To Pay Tithe In UK Instead Of Nigerian Churches


I’m happy to pay tithe in the UK but I stopped paying tithe in Nigeria almost 8 years ago, this is why.

1. My church in the UK doesn’t force people to pay tithe, our pastor will tell you to pay if you can so as to support the church in it’s missionary works in poor countries. But in Nigeria our pastors will use tricks and threats to make people do it against their will.

Recently one of the most popular pastors in Nigeria said if you don’t pay tithe you are under a financial curse. Well that’s a LIE bc none of the richest people in the world pays tithe.

Amazon founder has made over 40 billion dollars within just few months and he doesn’t pay tithe, Bill Gates, Otedola, Ned Nwoko, Dangote etc didn’t pay tithes to become successful.

Facebook founder didn’t pay tithe to get wisdom to invent Facebook.

Japan, the most technologically advanced country in the world is not a Christian country, they don’t pay tithe neither do they organize crusades and endless night vigils yet they live longer than us, yet they get sense pass us, yet they are richer than us.

I’m typing this with a Samsung phone, the CEO of Samsung is a Korean, he is not a Christian and he didn’t pay tithe to develop Samsung.

So its wrong for Nigerian pastors to make it look like you will become rich, healthy or successful just by paying tithes. That trick can only work on ignorant and gullible people.

Show me one man or woman that became rich by paying tithes and I will show you dozens of people that became successful through hard work and determination.

Paying tithes will not stop good or bad things from happening to anyone. People die everyday, both young and old, male and female, good and bad people, rich and poor, Christians and Muslims etc.

Last year another popular “god of man” said if you don’t pay tithe the gates of heaven will not be opened to you as if he is now God’s gateman.

Most Igbo Billionaires are Catholics and they don’t pay tithe yet they are very successful. Most of the richest people in Yorubaland are Muslims yet they are successful.

2. In my church in the UK church money doesn’t belong to our pastor or founder and there is transparency and accountability. Our pastor doesn’t buy properties with church money, infact he doesn’t even touch church money. Every week we give our pastors pocket money to fuel their car unlike in Nigeria where the church is the founder’s business empire which he runs however he likes.

3. My pastor in Nigeria is a billionaire, he lives in a mansion in GRA and drives some of the most expensive cars in Nigeria such as Rolls Royce Phantom, Range Rovers, Mercedes etc so he obviously doesn’t need my money, he should be the one to give me money to upgrade my companies sef.

Now this is the catch. I have no problem paying tithes, but I want to be sure that there’s transparency and accountability and that the money is being used for the purpose in which it was intended. 5 Inspirational tithing stories – The Lifey App

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I do not attend OPM but I like what Pastor Chibuzor is doing in Port Harcourt. He is building standard schools everywhere 100% free of cost. Free tuition, free books, free food, free uniforms, free everything and the school is open to everyone, Christian or Muslim. You don’t have to be a church member.

I don’t attend Synagogue in Lagos but I like what Prophet TB Joshua is doing. They have charity works in more than countries around the world.

I watch some of their programs and I voluntarily became Emmanuel TV Partner, I support Emmanuel TV with monthly financial contributions to assist in their charity work around the world.

OPM and TB Joshua are some of The few pastors I respect in Nigeria bc of their selfless service. I’m gonna be a pastor one day and I’m gonna be like these two guys or even better. I’m not gonna use church money to live flamboyant life while most of my members wallow in abject poverty. Church money will be used to build free schools and industries to employ our graduates.

I’m not gonna be a prosperity preacher so I know I won’t have lots of followers but I don’t mind. I will concentrate on winning souls for God. God is not a poor man, He doesn’t need your money to bless you or do anything for you.

I will end this by saying that “untill Nigeria has more industries than prayer houses, until people stay awake on research than night vigils, Nigeria will remain poor”.

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